Yongmao in Europe

16 September 2009

Northern Light

Contractor Benelmat, part of the Vinci Group, is using a Yongmao STT403.18T flat top tower crane on the Northern Light project is Brussels. Capacity is 18 tonnes to 24.5 m radius and maximum jib is 80 m where capacity is 3 tonnes. On this job it has a 54 m jib, at the end of which capacity is 7 tonnes. Maximum freestanding height is 86 m and on this job the crane will be climbed to a final height of 100 m.

Palais des Beaux Arts

Contractor Denys in Belgium is using a Yongmao STT293.12T flat top tower crane on a project at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Capacity of the STT293.12T is 12 tonnes, out to 26 m radius. It is rigged here with the full 74 m jib at the end of which capacity is 2.7 tonnes.

Denys rented the crane from tower crane rental house Neremat, which has a fleet of 200 units, half of which are Yongmao. Neremat claims a utilisation rate of 75% for its tower crane rental fleet across its three depots in Izegem, Feluy and Mechelen.

Prescott Street

London Tower Crane Hire & Sales (LTC) put one of its Yongmao STL230.18T luffing jib towers on a hotel construction project in Prescott Street, London, UK. Height under hook is 54 m and the 40 m jib has a 5.2 tonne tip load. Maximum is 18 tonnes to 15.5 m radius. It is one of three of this model in central London within a mile radius. LTC has two more of these cranes on order from Jin Long Europe, the European representative for Yongmao tower cranes. LTC is the UK dealer.

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