Youngman launches 'Knowledge' scheme

24 April 2008

The Youngman management team, from left, Jerry Stapleton (finance director), Paul Bentley (managing

The Youngman management team, from left, Jerry Stapleton (finance director), Paul Bentley (managing director), John Bungay (business development director) and Chris Owen (commercial director).

Ladders have come under extensive scrutiny in the UK and elsewhere in Europe as a result of the new European Temporary Work at Height Directive (enacted in the UK by WAHR), under which a risk assessment is required before working at height and the use of ladders limited to short duration (under 30 minutes) jobs.

John Bungay, Youngman's business development director, told SI that the regulations were resulting in a shift in interest from ladders to access towers in the UK; “We're happy to sell towers to people we used to sell ladders to, but it is imperative that we dispel the misconceptions [about ladders].” The course, costing around €95, will be run in conjunction with training provider Safety & Access and has the support of the UK's Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Meanwhile, Youngman said it has reacted to the regulations by moving away from lightweight, consumer type access products in favour of heavier duty, professional DIN EN131-rated products. “We're taking steps to reposition the product range”, said Mr Bungay.

The company - which had a turnover of £40 million last year, 85% in the UK - used the Hire Show in January to introduce several new products, including a colour painting option for its Boss access tower; the Combi 100 ladder, described as an “affordable trade-quality combination ladder” and the 3-Way Ladder, a combined step ladder, stairway ladder or extension ladder for professional users.

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