Zeppelin strengthens in traffic management

By Leila Steed05 September 2019

Zeppelin Rental is expanding its traffic management business with the acquisition of the Luther Group, a German-based specialist in traffic control technology and temporary barriers.

The acquisition - by Zeppelin Rentals’ parent company Zeppelin Group - comprises Luther HLGmbH & Co. KG, which supplies traffic management and safety products, and Meton GmbH, a producer of temporary road barriers. Also included are Luther HL’s subsidiaries in the Czech Republic (Meton sro) and Slovakia (Levotec sro).

The new branding for Zeppelin Rental.

The deal will add 100 employees and strengthen Zeppelin Rental’s expertise in traffic control and transport technology products. It also adds three locations: at Hoppstädten-Weiersbach in Germany, Levoča in the Slovak Republic and Tuchoměřice in the Czech Republic.

Arne Severin, head of the rental business unit and chair of the management board of Zeppelin Rental, said, “Luther HL and Meton are ideal additions to our portfolio and expand our range of services and depth of added value significantly.

“Increasing traffic levels and digitalisation of transport infrastructure already necessitate intelligent dynamic solutions – a development that will continue to increase as a result of trends such as smart city, autonomous driving, connected cars, and big data.

“As a leader in technology, I believe that our role in all of this is to decisively shape the future of mobile traffic guidance and management, and to continue to meet the future requirements of our customers with innovative mobile traffic telematics and sensor solutions.”

The acquired companies will continue under their current names, and Levotec sro and Meton sro will remain subsidiaries of, respectively, Luther and Meton.

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