Zero emission zone on Kaeser's stand

17 March 2016

Compressor manufacturer Kaeser Kompressoren said it planned to showcase new road-going portable compressors with electric motors in its ‘zero emission zone’ at Bauma.

The company’s stand will boast both a ‘low emission zone’ and a ‘zero emission zone’ – the latter will host the new electric-drive compressors ranging in size from 15kW to 30kW.

Kaeser said its diesel-driven M 27, M 31 and M 50 portable compressors were now also available as electric drive versions, offering flow rates range between 2m3/min and 5m³/min for pressures from 7 bar to 14 bar.

They are equipped as standard with the company’s Sigma Control smart controller which features a colour display and Anti-Frost Control.

Available in road-going and stationary variants, the electric drive machines can be used anywhere that has an electrical power supply, according to the manufacturer.

It said their key advantage, other than being quieter than diesel powered models, is that they are cheaper to operate, since energy and maintenance costs are generally lower. Moreover, they do not produce any emissions and can therefore be used within buildings.

Meanwhile, Kaeser said it would also introduce new diesel-driven machines, including the M 125, which fills the capacity gap between the M 115 and the M 130; delivering a flow rate of 10m³/min at 12 bar.

Another new diesel-driven compressor is the M 171, which provides a compressed air flow rate of 17.0m³/min at 8.6 bar; with pressure variants up to 14 bar also available.

The biggest newcomer from Kaeser is the stationary version of the M 500-2 compressed air giant, which generates compressed air at pressures from 4 bar to 10.3 bar. The maximum flow rates vary between 38m³/min (10.3 bar) and 45.8 m³/min (6.9 bar). This dry-running portable compressor is primarily suited to industrial applications and, together with its comprehensive standard equipment, is perfectly tailored to meet industrial hire needs.

Taking place in Munich Germany from 11 to 17 April, Bauma is the largest construction equipment exhibition in the world.

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