Zone compliance from JLG

06 August 2018

JLG is making clear its support of zone compliant equipment for urban construction work, and provides a summary of the product types on offer. 

“With the establishment of low emission zones (LEZ’s) in hundreds of cities in Europe, the use of ‘clean vehicles’ is not only preferred but required,” said Jan-Willem van Wier, senior product marketing Manager for JLG in EMEA.“In busy city centers, where increased air pollution poses significant risk to public health, every piece of construction equipment must comply with the most stringent low emission values before it can be used in LEZ’s.”

JLG offers three urban compliant product ranges, based on drive technology.



Electric machines offer more efficient drive compared to hydraulically operated equivalents and meet all regulations automatically as they emit no emissions and very little noise.

All-electric technology is available on common access equipment such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, mast booms and low-level access. With both outdoor and indoor capabilities and working heights reaching from 3.5m to 20m there is electric access equipment available that meets every need during the construction, fabrication and maintenance process.


Hybrids deliver diesel like performance with low emissions and noise. Available in two series – boom lifts and compact crawlers. The compact crawlers operate with an optional Lithium-ion powered electric motor, diesel engine or household mains outlet.


High diesel emissions have a negative impact city air quality and the health of residents. Adding a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can drastically reduce emissions. One of the most effective technologies for reducing emissions, the addition of a DPF makes existing fleets compliant with requirements in LEZ’s.

Van Wier said, “JLG has a number of technologies available, making our equipment compliant with these regulations, such as Tier IV final engines, Lithium-Ion batteries, non-marking tyres, DPF filters and biodegradable oil. Through this campaign, we want to reinforce the compliance level of our equipment offering and address some of the questions our customers have raised on required machine configurations at construction sites in city centers.”

Examples for urban-compliant technologies:

  • DPF: Lowers emissions and overall fuel consumption, can be retrofitted.
  • Tier IV engine: Meets the standards laid out in Euro Tier IV for emissions.
  • Lithium-Ion: Low maintenance battery with no memory and no scheduled cycling required to prolong the battery life
  • Biodegradable oil: In the event of accidental spills or leaks, it will have less environmental impact.
  • Non-Marking Tyres: Reduces floor marking and floor cleaning requirements without sacrificing load capacity or performance.
  • Reduced noise emissions: Lowers noise levels and has a positive impact on the health of people who live in urban areas.




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