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Atlanta 07
North America's rental industry will be making a beeline for Atlanta, Georgia, in February for the 2007 Rental Show. It's definitely worth the trip, as Murray Pollok reports.
Easy Shoring: NTS's Ron Chilton talks to Patrick Hill
Ron Chilton founded shoring equipment rental company National Trench Safety (NTS) in 2004. It has grown steadily since, as Patrick Hill reports.
Party products
IRN ‘s party & events correspondent Steve Hayward reports on what the October Showman's Show had to offer rental companies. Plus, he interviews Paul Turney, managing director of Spaceworks Furniture Hire in the UK.
‘Hiring is in my blood
Paul Turney, managing director of Spaceworks Furniture Hire Ltd in Surrey and Ireland, talks to Steve Hayward about growing a party and events rental business.
Green machines
Groundcare involves so many tasks – digging, moving, spreading, compacting, loading, crushing, gathering and cutting – and on all kinds of materials. Patrick Hill reports on a suitably diverse selection of new groundcare products.
Promoting Rental
Among the many aims of the European Rental Association (ERA) is the promotion of rental in markets where equipment ownership is still the norm. Here, IRN reports on the activities of the special committee tasked with creating a promotions plan.
Sharp focus
Compaction and concreting specialist Belle Group is targeting a 30% share of the global €1,5 billion light construction equipment market. The company's Ray Neilson tells Murray Pollok how the company will do it.
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