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Rope and winches: Bounds of possibility
New or traditional? Two approaches, both pushing the boundaries, especially for tall tower cranes. Christian Shelton reports
​Teufelberger-Redaelli to reopen
Rope production to restart at Austria and Italy-based manufacturer in wake of Coronavirus
De Haan heads stateside
Seven US distributors appointed by lifting hook and rigging component manufacturer De Haan
New CEO for WireCo
WireCo WorldGroup appoints Keith White as chief executive officer
Lankhorst ropes help lift module
Specialist marine rope provider helps install 1,110 tonne permanent living module on Dolphin Platform
Wolffkran invests in fibre rope
A new self-monitoring fibre rope is being developed by Wolffkran and Trowis
Bishop Lifting acquires AWRS
American Wire Rope & Sling acquired by Bishop Lifting Products
Ropes and winches: Linear development
The rise of synthetic rope continues, although demand for wire rope remains strong. Christian Shelton reports
Casar ropes Favco M2480D
Casar Australia supplies wire rope for Favelle Favco’s M2480D 
New lifting chain sizes
Van Beest launches new sizes for Green Pin Tycan fibre lifting chain
Ropes and winches: Bound to be big
The properties of synthetic rope are making it an appealing alternative to wire rope argues DSM Dyneema, the creator of Dyneema fibre used in rope. Christian Shelton investigates
Rope and winches: Setting standards
FEM guidelines are an early important step in advancing the widespread application of synthetic fibre ropes in the crane and construction markets. Christian Shelton reports
Casar re-ropes goliath
A goliath crane in Denmark has been re-roped with galvanised Turboplast from Casar
Synthetic tow sling from Samson
A synthetic fibre sling for recovery tow applications has been launched by Samson
Lankhorst Dyneema fibre rope for MacGregor
MacGregor’s FibreTrac offshore knuckle boom crane will be supplied with a synthetic fibre hoist rope from Lankhorst made with Dyneema fibre
Ropes: stronger together
The application of synthetic fibre hoist ropes is expanding and Cris Seidenather at Lebus International Engineers offers advice on how easy winch refurbishment can be
Guidance for synthetic ropes
Technical committee of FEM product group Cranes and Lifting Equipment is working on a set of guidelines for the safe use of hoist ropes made from synthetic fibres
IMCA revises wire rope guidance
The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a revised version of its publication, Guidance on wire rope integrity management for vessels in the offshore industry
Ropes and winches: switching designs
Rope is available in steel, synthetic and even hybrid versions. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Laura Hatton investigates
Technical seminars from Bridon
Bridon, a manufacturer of steel and fibre rope, will host a series of technical seminars about offshore rope technology
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