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New safety rules proposed for Middle East
One thing that will make a difference to safety in the Middle East is a new set of government operating requirements, which are likely to be introduced in the third quarter of 2009
Construction workers most at risk from occupational cancers
Of the 7000 people who die from work-related cancers in the UK each year, up to two thirds are associated with construction.
Real world rigging
Industry Skills Training (IST), based at the Victoria University Werribee campus, in Australia, has taken delivery of a set of specially-engineered tilt panels for the training of riggers
Safety pointers
Mike Parnell, Industrial Training International (ITI) president, lays out six points that an employer should follow to help ensure a safe workplace
Catch up with your training needs
Comprehensive training for all those working with cranes is an ideal most of us would sign up to. Despite this, the industry is still in catch up mode according to some training centres in the US and UK. Euan Youdale speaks to three of them
JLG on-line training optimizes study time
JLG has developed an on-line training system for its customers which will help them make the best use of their time. The Learning Management System allows customers to take on-line courses and maintain their training history for both on-line and classroom courses.
Guidance for second party MEWP inspectors
IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) has produced guidance for second party inspection bodies that carry out periodic, in-service inspections of MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms).
CICB and Bishop form training alliance
Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau has formed a training alliance with Bishop Lifting Products in Texas, US
New UK scaffolding guide for tubes and fittings
The NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) in the UK has published its guidance note TG20:08 - A Guide to good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes and Fittings. It describes erection of that type of scaffolding to comply with European standard BS EN 12811-1, which supersedes BS 5973.
Freedom of movement with Miller's arboriculture belt
Miller by Sperian has been working with top arboriculture professionals to develop the Morpho belt. This is a triple leg loop belt designed to provide stability without compromising fluidity of movement.
Made's power line detection wins silver
Among the winners of Intermat's innovation awards was French company Made which received a silver award in the equipment and components category for its Sky Radio 2.0 system.
CICB and West Coast Training form training alliance
Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau in the US has formed a training alliance with West Coast Training to bring bi-monthly scheduled NCCCO certification programmes to the West Coast
South African rental association launches computer simulation operator training
South Africa’s Contractors Plant Hire Association (CPHA) has embarked on a major operator training programme using computer simulators to try to make up for the shortfall in operators caused in part by the high number of Aids/HIV-related deaths in the country.
Safe to live on the edge
Miller by Sperian, has added a new lanyard product to its edge-tested fall protection range. The Manyard is an addition to the company's edge-tested product range designed to prevent accidents caused by the breakage of fall protection connection elements on edges.
Skyjack issues maintenance reminder after scissor failure
Skyjack Europe has issued a reminder to owners to carry out regular inspections of machines following the failure of one of its model 8841 scissors on a Kier Group site in November.
Employee injuries will hurt bosses too
A new UK law could see construction managers jailed from January if one of their employees is hurt at work warns UK health and safety training company, Pivotal Performance.
Climb down over Christmas ladder ban
On hearing that the a town could lose its Christmas decorations due to health and safety concerns Philip Davies, head of public protection at Carmarthenshire County Council, Wales,UK consulted with The Ladder Association to find a solution.
Integrating safety
Combisafe is to launch its new filigree mark II attachment for its barrier protection systems in 2009. Steve Skinner reports from the company’s safety centre in Northampton, UK.
Tighter lifting laws will get more powered access into Switzerland
From January 1 2009 Switzerland is tightening up the law which allows personnel to work at height by being lifted in a basket by a forklift truck. The practice can still continue but the circumstances in which it will be allowed have been greatly restricted.
Blown away?
In every access platform user manual there should be information about under which weather conditions it is safe to operate the machine, particularly important is wind strength and direction. Skyview Systems is a UK company specialising in wind warning and wind monitoring systems which can be employed by access platform and crane users to help prevent accidents.
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