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Intermat adds New Technology hub for 2021
French exhibition said new hub reflects rapid growth of the €1.3bn construction technology market
Construction technology: connectivity is key
Andy Brown sat down with Oracle’s innovation director, Burcin Kaplanoglu, to talk about the past, present and future of construction technology
Doosan drone wins honours for innovation, sustainability
These long-endurance fuel-cell powered drones can cover even large sites in a single flight, versus using multiple batteries and flight locations
Firms target construction with heavyweight drones
Next level unmanned aerial vehicles could be used to carry heavy materials to remote sites
Wearable tech could ‘transform’ construction
Wearable technology sector could be worth US$54 billion by 2023 and bring safety and productivity benefits to construction
New international standards for drones
New standards for rapidly expanding sector of commercial drones
Crane technology: Technology at the top
Cranes may be based on the same 2000 year old principles, but technology has certainly evolved
Technology update: New tech for the crane sector
From autonomous cranes to brain-computer interfaces, Christian Shelton looks at the cutting-edge of construction technology
Drones: How UAVs are changing the construction industry
Unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in construction, but could this technology become disruptive?
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