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Ruthmann plans new range of Steiger TBs
Ruthmann is planning four, new, fourth-generation Steiger TB models.
Warren Access adds another Multitel
UK rental company, Warren Access has just taken delivery of a new Multitel MX200 which was ordered at this year's Vertikal Days exhibition held at the end of June.
Palfinger reacts to rugged rental with P 220 B truck mount
Palfinger Platforms has responded to the demands made on work platforms mounted on 3.5 t chassis by producing a rugged and easy to use 22 m working height machine with a number of interesting features.
Rothlehner to distribute Bronto in Germany
Bronto Skylift has appointed Rothlehner as a distributor of the Bronto range of aerial work platforms in Germany.
UK's first CTE ZED21 goes to Rapid Platforms
The UK's first CTE ZED21 truck mounted platform has been delivered to Rapid Platforms, Bishop Stortford.
Smith's first electric trucks include boom-lifts
On 28 July the first Smith Newton electric trucks were delivered to four major US corporations and two utility companies. These included the truck-mounted boom lift for Pacific Gas & Electric, with an Altec boom and another similar truck for utility company Kansas Power & Light, plus conventional trucks for Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, AT&T and Staples.
GSR prepares three new truck mounts for markets
Italian manufacturer of truck and van mounted aerial platforms; GSR SpA will soon be launching three new models.
Cumberland Industries UK wins Terex Utilities dealership
New UK-based vehicle mounted access manufacturer Cumberland Industries UK Ltd has been appointed exclusive agent for Terex Utilities in the UK and Ireland and is also mounting Oil & Steel booms for the Italian manufacturer in the UK.
Hinkel Equipment Rental adds a Bronto
Pennsylvania-based Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates added a 200-foot Bronto to its fleet recently.
Skylift adds remote tracking to platform fleet
Skylift, the truck mounted aerial platform rental division of Lavendon Group, has introduced a vehicle tracking and remote management system to its fleet of vehicles.
Czech power generators take 20 more Bisons
At the beginning of the year Palfinger Platforms received an order for 20 Bison TKA 16 truck mounts from Czech company CEZ AG. The order which has now been delivered was generated by Palfinger's Czech sales agent, Kuhn MT sro.
Junjin launches new truck-mount
Korean access equipment manufacturer, JunjinCSM has introduced a 36m working height, truck-mounted aerial work platform, called Sky-Khan which complies with Korea Certification Security.
Blade buys 70 m Wumag
UK rental company, Blade Access took delivery of its 12th truck mounted platform at the Vertikal Days exhibition last week: a 70 m Wumag WT700 bought from UK dealer Skyking.
New US wind turbine company orders 90m Brontos
A new company has been formed in Texas, US, to provide high reach access services for the wind turbine industry. TGM Wind Services has placed an order for two 90 m Bronto Skylift machines and said a further two 90 m and one 104 m Bronto units could be ordered within the next year.
Four Ruthmann Steigers go to Greek highway companies
Olympia Odos S.A and Aegean Motorway S.A. of Greece have taken delivery of four Steiger T 180 aerial platforms.
CTE works to satisfy the Chinese market
In cooperation with its Chinese partner CTE expects to shortly launch a 29 m truck mounted boom designed specifically to suit the Chinese market.
Easi UpLifts has high hopes of new Brontos
Easi UpLifts has taken delivery of four new Bronto vehicle-mounted machines at its headquarters in Dublin for its UK truck-mounted division.
Skyking targets UK utilities with new lifts
Truck mounted specialist Skyking - part of King Highway Products - launched at SED two utility lifts, a 13 m working height articulated boom on a Land Rover, and a 13.5 m van mount with a GSR boom (first seen at last year's APEX).
Hinowa's first truck-mount flowers at Intermat
Italian manufacturer Hinowa has launched its first truck mount, the Orchid Lift 21.11 at Intermat. Susanne Landstorfer, from Hinowa's marketing and export department told Access International that the Orchid Lift had already generated interest from Hinowa's existing aerial platform customers as well as new customers familiar with truck mounted platforms.
Steiger T470 made flesh
Shown as a computer simulation at APEX, Ruthmann will launch its Steiger T470 truck mounted aerial platform at Intermat.
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