US contractor Total Wrecking prepares for next stage of Lakeland Electric McIntosh power plant implosion

By Steve Ducker07 February 2023

American demolition contractor Total Wrecking & Environmental is preparing for further implosions at a major power plant after successfully felling a 79 m (260 ft) stack and 27 m (90 ft) Selective Catalytic Reaction unit last month.

Total Wrecking McIntosh Power Plant Total Wrecking & Environmental will spend the next year at McIntosh Power Plant while removing three coal-fired power units. (Photo: Total Wrecking & Environmental)

The Buffalo, New York-based company has been on site at the Lakeland Electric utility’s McIntosh plant in Florida since last summer – and will spend the next 12 months taking down three massive coal-fired units that have operated for more than 40 years.

The scope of works comprises abatement, remediation, demolition, asset recovery and removal of the units, with the first phase having attracted interest from local press and community leaders.

A new plant will be built on the site and the existing plant will remain active during the project.

“Total Wrecking & Environmental is thrilled to clear and restore a critical area within the Lakeland McIntosh power plant for a newer energy facility,” said Frank Bodami, the company’s founder and CEO. “We’re excited to apply our demolition expertise and clear the way for Lakeland Electric’s new gas-fired reciprocating internal combustion engine power plant.”

The second controlled implosion of the coal-fired hung boiler units that represented the nucleus of the station at the McIntosh Power Plant is scheduled for early March.

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