Half a tonne of explosives bring down apartments...in 1994

07 June 2023

In November of 1994, Government authorities in the South Korean capital Seoul dynamited a large apartment complex in a spectacular demolition marking the 600th anniversary of Seoul as the national capital.

The demolition, broadcast live on television, used 500kg (1,100 lbs) of explosives to level the 17-storey Namsan Apartment Complex in just a few minutes.

Thousands of Koreans and foreigners gathered at the foot of the nearby Namsan mountain to watch and celebrate the demolition of the 22-year-old complex. The half tonne of dynamite was placed into about 2,400 holes drilled into the buildings.

The demolition left about 32,000 tonnes of concrete debris, 15,300 tonnes of bricks and 2,900 tonnes of ascon. City authorities say 70 percent of the remains are likely to be recycled.

Story Copyright: Thomson Reuters

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