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Aquajet unleashes its ‘mean machine’ for hydrodemolition
Aqua Cutter 750V automatically calculates optimal settings for precision concrete removal
Construction equipment: Adaptable attachments
A growing demand for attachments prompts suppliers to focus on attachment durability and adaptability
Aquajet paves way for safe hydrodemolition
Swedish hydrodemolition specialist shows two new cutter robots and the EcoClear water fitration system at the Bauma exhibition
Singapore success for Aquajet
The second Aquajet 710V hydrodemolition robotto be used in Singapore is helping speed rail infrastructure upgrades
NLB launches water pressure ARM
New mini-excavator attachment enables operators to manipulate high-pressure water from the cab for use in hydro demolition and other jobs
Water jetting at a distance
NLB Corp has introduced the ARM concpet - an excavator-mounted water jet system
Hydrodemolition solution for Norwegian bridge repairs
An Aquajet system was used to successfully carry out refurbishment on the columns of the Arstein Bridge in northern Norway
Aquajet’s new compact Aqua Cutter 410
The Aqua Cutter 410 from Aquajet is said to be the smallest hydrodemolition robot available
Conjet robot speeds dam repair in Venezuela
A Conjet Robot 364 was used during replacement of eroded concrete on the spillways of the Guri Hydroelectric Power Station on the River Caroni
Aquajet exhibits next generation Cutter
Hydrodemolition specialist Aquajet has used the bauma show to showcase its latest generation Aqua Cutter robot
Hand lancing alternative from Conjet
Conjet AB has added the 'Nalta' Jetframe 101 to its range of hydrodemolition equipment
Costa Rican outing for Aquajet hydrodemolition equipment
Two Aqua Cutter robots from Aquajet to carry out concrete repairs and upgrades on more than 10 bridges in Costa Rica.
Evolution at work
Aquajet has unveiled major product developments to its hydrodemoliton robots and other equipment following an intensive R&D effort over the last 18 months. Lindsay Gale reports
Hydrodemolition on the quiet
Swedish manufacturer Aquajet has now introduced a new power pack, the Ecosilence, that the company claims substantially reduces noise levels as well as offering substantial fuel savings.
Croatian outing for hydrodemolition: the Kirk Bridge
Conjet AB's hydrodemolition equipment has been used during the replacement of the salt-corroded concrete structure of the double arch Kirk Bridge in Croatia.
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