JLG and ANAPAT cooperate over training

By Maria Hadlow22 February 2011

JLG and ANAPAT (the Spanish association for aerial platform rental companies) are working together to develop a training programme which will adhere to a new regulatory standard.

ANAPAT (Asociacion Nacional de Alquladores de Platformas Aereas de Trabajo) has embarked on two programmes to improve information and training on MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms).

The first is to work with the AENOR's subcommittee 9 (SC9) for the committee 58 (CTN58) in the development of a regulatory standard for the training of MEWP operators, and the second focuses on the design of specific training programmes that comply to the standard under consideration.

In aiming to provide professional MEWP training and taking on board as much expert advice as possible, ANAPAT has signed an agreement with the platform manufacturer JLG to participate in the committee.

ANAPAT and JLG are active participants in AENOR's meetings about devising a MEWP operators' training standard. So it is in the interest of both organisations to work together to define the requirements for operators to work in a MEWP in an efficient and safe way. It is for this reason both parties believe it essential to join forces and seal a mutual commitment to develop top-level and quality training for MEWP operators.

JLG will contribute its extensive experience in training to ANAPAT's expert committee and will instruct ANAPAT's member companies in the important mission of training their MEWP operators. It will also participate in developing the structure and content of courses, which will comply with the new rule under development in AENOR.

JLG will also work with ANAPAT to ensure that the courses conducted by associated companies comply to established procedures.

ANAPAT and JLG say that they are pleased to have signed this agreement, which represents an important step towards making MEWP operators' training a reality and ensuring that all workers who are going to use a MEWP, are sufficiently and properly trained.

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