Access promotion campaign needed says Shaughnessy

18 April 2011

Steve Shaughnessy, past-president of IPAF.

Steve Shaughnessy, past-president of IPAF.

Steve Shaughnessy, the most recent past-president of IPAF and a former president of Skyjack, has proposed a £0.75-0.9 million promotional campaign to increase the use of aerial platforms in the UK.

Speaking at the International Powered Access Federation's recent Summit conference in Amsterdam, Mr Shaughnessy said a campaign was necessary to further promote the use of aerial platforms in markets that do not currently use them.

He said a three year trial project in the UK would require funding of between £250000 and £300000 a year but could potentially increase access rental revenues in the country by £10-14 million.

"There is still potential to grow in existing markets... and in sectors that currently underuse access", said Mr Shaughnessy. He told delegates to the IPAF Summit that his proposal drew on the initiatives made in previous years by Gordon Leicester, founder and managing director of Facelift Access Hire, and David Shipman, chairman of AFI-Uplift.

Europe's aerial platform sector, although mature in global terms, remains much smaller than that of the US. There is one platform per 720 people in the US compared to one per 1587 in the main European markets.

"Aerial platform penetration is only half that in the 11 most developed European access markets compared to the US", he said, adding that western Europe may only have reached 35-40% of its full potential.

Mr Shaughnessy, who handed over the presidency of IPAF to his successor, JLG'S Wayne Lawson, at the IPAF AGM on the same day as the Summit conference, said the campaign would have a distinct identity separate from IPAF's existing work, and could comprise a combination of targeting marketing at new industries as well as the development of a website.

A provisional campaign has been drawn up under the PowerUp brand and with the slogan; "PowerUp to a new height and reach advantage." He said manufacturers, rental companies and IPAF could be approached to raise the required funds.

"The powered access story needs to be out there, and together, IPAF members could make it happen", said Mr Shaughnessy.

Tim Whiteman, IPAF's managing director, speaking immediately after the presentation, said IPAF would consult its members on the idea.

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