Aquajet paves way for safe hydrodemolition

08 April 2016

One of the new hydrodemolition models from Aquajet, the 410V

One of the new hydrodemolition models from Aquajet, the 410V

Swedish company Aquajet Systems is showing several new concrete removal products at Bauma 2016.

These include the EcoClear water filtration system and two brand new cutter robots – the Aqua Cutter 410V and 710V XL.

EcoClear has been developed to work with Aquajet’s range of cutter robots.

It is capable of handling a flow rate up 20 cu m/hr, and gives the operator full control to monitor and change the water pH and turbidity levels. It also enables the operator to safely discharge water back into the environment without the need of an extra reservoir and with no pollution.

The Aqua Cutter 410V is a mix of Aquajet’s 410A and 710V robots.

However, the new 410V is much lighter and smaller compared to the original 710V, making it ideal for tight spaces such as vertical shafts and furnaces.

The other cutter robot, the Aqua Cutter 710V XL, is based on the Aqua Cutter 710V and features a design that gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up 7 m (23 ft) without support.

Both cutter robots come with Aquajet’s latest control systems for robots and Power Packs – the Evolution 2.0 control system and the Revo control system.

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