Big Goldhofer transporter order from Kahl

Handing over PST/ES-E axle lines at the Goldhofer factory in Germany Handing over PST/ES-E axle lines at the Goldhofer factory in Germany. Photo: Goldhofer

Heavy transport specialist Kahl Group has further expanded its fleet with orders for new equipment from fellow German company Goldhofer.

Kahl already has 100 self-propelled axle lines (type PST) and around 250 towed axle lines from Goldhofer. It is one of Europe’s largest vehicle fleets. Including split modules in the fleet gives Kahl a great choice of vehicle width in being able to configure 2,430 mm, 3,000 mm, 4,900 mm, 5,330 mm and up to 6,350 mm width combinations.

The order included 30 axle lines of the PST/ES-E (315) type, and 8 axle lines of PST/ES-E (285) with variable track width.

Widening ability

Commenting on his choice Andreas Kahl, Kahl Group managing director, said, “We opted for the Goldhofer self propelled modules because they offer unique and unrivalled tractive power and performance, which is essential for our challenging projects. We are convinced of the technical advantages that Goldhofer offers as a market leader in the heavy haul industry. Also of decisive importance for us is the ability of the PST/ES-E (285) modules, with a basic width of 2.43 metres, to widen under load. This enables us to organise our transports even more efficiently and safely.”

Kahl also recently added 38 axle lines of the new Goldhofer FT Series heavy duty modules. FT Series is “a modular transport system offering a high degree of flexibility and investment security, as it can be adapted to handle different requirements and loads,” Goldhofer said.

The company’s large fleet allows it to transport payloads up to 10,000 tonnes using its own equipment. It is also investing in new locations in northern and eastern Germany.

green and red Kahl tractor pulling Goldhofer modules carrying a heavy load Kahl using the FT Series heavy duty modules. Photo: Goldhofer
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