Fall protection gear saves man from serious injury

By Lindsey Anderson14 May 2012

Harry J. Kirkwood Jr., 44, of Slippery Rock, OH was protected from serious injury last week - all because he was wearing proper fall protection gear.

Kirkwood Jr. was working from a Bronder Technical Services utility bucket truck last week in Lawrence County, OH when the unit was suddenly struck by a UPS semi truck. Kirkwood Jr.'s boom, which was elevated for him to apply reflective tape to traffic lights, was hit by the UPS tractor trailer causing Kirkwood Jr. to fall out of the bucket. Due to his fall protection harness and lanyard system, however, Kirkwood Jr. did not hit the ground or suffer any major injuries that could have resulted in death.

Mitchell Gasperoni, 28, of New Castle, OH was driving the UPS truck when the accident occurred around 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 10. He was cited for careless driving.

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