First showing of Liebherr LTM 1400-6.1

The new all-rounder is flexible and economical thanks to a wide range of accessories, a modular boom kit and the familiar Liebherr technologies. 

At the 2024 Liebherr Customer Days, held at the Liebherr factory in Ehingen, Germany, the company unveiled its new 400 tonne class 6-axle crane.

The LTM 1400-6.1 has a 70-metre (230-foot) telescopic boom. The new crane is the successor to the LTM 1350-6.1. Like its predecessor, the LTM 1400-6.1 is now the smallest crane with Y-guying capacity enhancement. The company said it makes it the perfect introduction to this boom technology with its enormous increase in lifting capacity.

The LTM 1400-6.1 boasts higher lifting capacities than its predecessor, the LTM 1350-6.1.

There are major differences from the preceding model, particularly in terms of the assembly process for the Y-guying system. With just one self-assembly lift, the LTM 1400-6.1 places the guying system on the chassis, where it is then pinned in place. The hydraulic quick coupling closes automatically when the boom is luffed down between the two Y-frames. The electrical connection is established with one movement and the telescopic boom with Y-guying is ready for use in minutes.

The new LTM 1400-6.1 featured a celebratory 75th anniversary wrap.

Lattice jibs

Various lattice jibs enable the new crane to work efficiently in a wide range of applications. The fixed lattice jib extends the telescopic boom by up to 45.5 metres and can be mounted at an angle of 0, 10, 20 and 40 degrees. As an option, the fixed jib can be adjusted between 0° and 40°. The luffing lattice jib, with a length ranging from 14 to 80.5 metres (46 to 264.1 feet). 

As with its predecessor, the total available ballast for the new LTM 1400-6.1 consists of 100 tonnes (110.2 tons) of basic ballast and 40 tonnes (44 tons) of additional ballast. Different than the VarioBallast system on the predecessor model, the 140 tonnes (154 tons) of total ballast can now be set to an radius of 7.7 metres to achieve the maximum lifting capacity. In confined spaces, the ballast radius can be reduced to 5.6 metres (26.3 feet). The counterweight plates are also compatible with those found on other large Liebherr cranes.

The variable VarioBase supporting system ensures additional versatility. In addition to the option of flexibly using the predefined support positions with pinning options of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 %, the sliding beams can now also be extended between 0 and 50 %. Until now, this was only possible on mobile cranes with up to five axles.

Unlike its predecessor, the new 400-tonne crane is powered by the Liebherr single-engine concept and a mechanical drive for the superstructure, which results in better economy. An eight-cylinder Liebherr diesel engine with 455 kW / 619 h.p. and 3,067 Nm of torque ensures a powerful travel drive. 

Stay tuned for official coverage of the Liebherr Customer Days event in the upcoming issues of American Cranes & Transport, and International Cranes and Specialized Transport.

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