Hand lancing alternative from Conjet

By Lindsay Gale12 January 2010

The Nalta Jetframe 101 can work in areas previously only accessible to hand lances

The Nalta Jetframe 101 can work in areas previously only accessible to hand lances

Conjet AB has added the 'Nalta' Jetframe 101 to its range of hydrodemolition equipment ('Nalta' is a colloquial Lappland expression meaning something very small). It is intended to replace the use of hand lances with a remotely controlled system that keeps the operator at a safe distance from the work area.

The Nalta system, says Conjet, is a very flexible and versatile system since it mounts, climbs and operates on standard scaffold tubes, and since there are no electrical sensors it can also operate underwater. System components are small, easy to transport to the work site and mount in position. The cutting head weighs 14 kg (30.8 lb) and the feed beam section weighs 6 kg (13.2 lb). Each hydraulically controlled step unit, which are fixed to each end of the feed beam and automatically climb up or down the scaffold, weighs 4 kg (8.8 lb). A hydraulical trolley mounted unit provides control for the system and weighs in at 90 kg (198 lb).

According to Conjet vice president Lars-Goran Nilsson: "We are replacing the dangerous hand-held lancing operations and making them safer with our revolutionary 'Nalta' Jetframe. Because 'Nalta' can withstand a greater reaction force of 600N, compared with 250N for a hand held lance, higher powered pumps can be used, increasing productivity even further up to five or six times."

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