Hydrodemolition on the quiet

By Lindsay Gale15 July 2008

Aquajet’s new Ecosilence power pack offers substantial noise reductions in addition to fuel savings

Aquajet’s new Ecosilence power pack offers substantial noise reductions in addition to fuel savings

The need to minimise noise disturbance to nearby residents and commercial operations is an ever-increasing driver for demolition contractors working in urban environments. This is equally true for hydrodemolition contractors. With this in mind, Swedish manufacturer Aquajet has now introduced a new power pack, the Ecosilence, that the company claims substantially reduces noise levels as well as offering substantial fuel savings.

Aquajet commenced a R&D project three years ago to produce the new power pack, with the main goal to produce a completely new system that generated at least 10 dB less noise than conventional models – a reduction recognised by the human ear as being half as loud. The resulting Ecosilence exceeds this target, with a noise level of 66.5 dB, compared to noise levels between 78 and 82 dB for traditional power packs. The new power pack has a 40% increase in sound insulation, including tailor-made seals for all doors and hatches to block noise propagation.

The new unit uses 70 litres of fuel per hour when producing 189 l/min and 1,000 bar when running at 73% of full power as against between 105 and 120 l/hr for conventional units.

Water flow and pressure can be tailored to suit the application, with a maximum water flow of 261 l/min at 1,000 bar at just 85% of engine power output from the Volvo Penta marine diesel engine, which provides a very high torque range from 1,100 to 1,800 rpm.

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