Machine control: Faster grading and positioning with Topcon's 3DXi

25 March 2008

Topcon Europe Positioning's new 3DXi grade reference for excavators allows operators to grade faster and monitor the machine's position, which helps eliminate over-excavation, minimise material waste and increase prots.

“Topcon's GPS+ grade control is standard on many dozers, graders, and scrapers in the industry. GPS+ technology ensures maximum productivity with access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites. Now, the bene. ts of this GPS+ technology can be combined with the GX-60 control box-operator's display-with a colour touch screen to offer even more control,” said a spokesman.

The 3DXi sturdy design features four new temperature compensated 360° CAN-based tilt sensors that measure angles from the cab, boom, stick, and bucket, creating a precise cut. In addition to the new tilt sensors, the 3DXi uses two GPS+ antennas, a GPS+ receiver and the GX-60 control box.

3DXi is easy to install, set-up and operate. Combined with the GX-60 it creates an in-cab display, allowing the operator to “see” the machine's exact position on site, in addition to the bucket's cutting edge at all times. Operators can use the display to position the machine and for steering indication as well.

The 3DXi eliminates the need for a grade checker to constantly monitor excavation depth and additional bene. ts include combining up to three user-de. ned views, including plan, pro. le, sectional, and single or dual grade indication. Operators can cut. at to vertical surfaces and have the ability to change buckets on the with six different sizes stored by the easy to learn and use 3D-MC software, which also supports multiple boom lengths.

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