Range-topping new flat top tower crane from Potain

By Alex Dahm15 May 2023

yellow flat top Manitowoc Potain MCT 1105 tower crane Potain MCT 1105 flat top tower crane is the largest of its type from Manitowoc’s Zhangjiagang factory. Photo: Manitowoc Potain

Potain’s new MCT 1105 flat top tower crane lifts 50 tonnes at a radius of 21.8 metres.

It is the largest flat top model built at the company’s Zhangjiagang plant in China, taking that title from the MCT 1005 M50 launched only last year. The new MCT 1105 shares capabilities with that previous range-topper but “delivers significant capacity upgrades all the way along the jib,” the company said.

Lifting its maximum further out

It has the same maximum freestanding height under hook of 69.7 metres, the same 50 tonne capacity, and they share a maximum working radius of 80 metres. Greater tip capacity is the main difference. The MCT 1105 lifts 11 tonnes at the end of its 80 metre jib whereas the MCT 1005 M50 lifts 8 tonnes. On the full 80 metre jib, the MCT 1105 lifts its 50 tonnes maximum to 5 metres further out than the MCT 1005 on the same jib.

For flexibility in configuration the range of counter jib options is 15, 20 or 25 metres. Like the MCT 1005 there is 1,070 metres of rope on the drum and the two cranes share the same mechanisms. Hoisting speed can reach 88 m/min.

“The advantages of topless cranes are proving invaluable as we strive to answer our customers’ continued requests for greater flexibility by improving performance along the jib,” said Leong Kwong-Joon, Manitowoc regional product manager for tower cranes.

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