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24 April 2008

Italy’s Largest Annual Construction equipment exhibition, SAIE, is now in its 42nd year. From October 25 to 29 the show will provide a wide-ranging overview of the best and newest equipment on the market. The organisers are expecting nearly 2000 exhibitors and some 150000 visitors - in 2005 1850 companies exhibited and 165000 people came to the show.

New Equipment

With so many of the major manufacturers scaling back their involvement this year SAIE provides the ideal opportunity for Italian manufacturers to showcase their products to a wide audience.

VF Venieri, for example, will be showing its new VF 6.23 D articulated backhoe, alongside its VF 263B Plus wheeled loader. A four-wheel drive, 7,2 tonne machine, the 63 kW VF 6.23 D has a maximum digging depth of 4,3 m.

The hydrostatic transmission features automatic closed-circuit power regulation with pump, and a two-speed (forward/reverse) variable-displacement engine. Standard loader bucket capacity is 1 m3, while the backhoe’s maximum digging depth is 5,1 m when fitted to a telescopic arm.

Also on the stand will be Venieri’s new 4 tonne VF 263B Plus wheeled loader, which has a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes. More details will be available at the show.

Also in the earthmoving sector, Hyundai will be showing a range of machines, including its latest Dash-7 wheel loaders and Robex tracked, wheeled and mini-excavators.

The 21 tonne and 32 tonne narrow track R210NLC-7 and R320NLC-7 will be joined on its stand by two 14 tonne excavators, the tracked R140LC-7 and wheeled R140W-7, and the 5,5 tonne R55-7 mini-excavator.

However, the largest machine on Hyundai’s stand will be its 20 tonne HL760-7A wheeled loader, which features a Tier 3/Stage IIIA, 160 kW Cummins engine. Visitors will also have the chance to meet representatives from its six-strong Italian dealer network.

UK-based JCB will be showing a range of compaction, excavator and backhoe loader models at this year’s show, all of which will be making their Italian debuts. At the heart of its stand will be the JZ235, a 23 tonne, zero tailswing, tracked excavator. It will be shown alongside the 19,6 tonne JS190 Auto tracked excavator.

While these large machines will take up plenty of space on the company’s stand, visitors will also be able to see its smallest-ever machine, the 800 kg JCB 8008 micro excavator.

Also on show will be JCB’s Advance Precision Control (APC). Shown on a 3CX Contractor model backhoe loader, APC is also available on all 4CX models. It builds on JCB’s Precision Control System, and, according to the company, “takes it to new heights in terms of operator comfort, control, and performance”.

SAIE also provides the official launch platform of the JCB Vibromax compaction equipment range in Italy. While there are now 60 soil and asphalt compactors in the range visitors will have the chance to see the VM132 self propelled, single drum compactor and VMT160 double-drum, vibratory compactor in the iron.

Other machines on show include its 535-140 Loadall telescopic handler, the 8018 and 8080 midi excavators and the 4x4 JCB Teletruk.

Elsewhere, Case will be exhibiting its new E-Series compact wheel loaders. On show will be the 721E. Like the other models in the E Series it features a new mono-boom, increased reach height, improved bucket rollback and an engine matched to its hydraulic systems, to deliver higher breakout force and faster cycle times.

The company’s tracked excavators will be represented by the 1,72 tonne zero-tail-swing CX18B, up to the 22,4 tonne CX230, which is also equipped with a mono-boom. Other excavators on display will include the CX50B and the CX80.

Other equipment on show will include the 410 (wheeled) and 440CT (tracked) skid steer loaders. Also on the stand will be a 695 Super R Series 2 backhoe loader, with pilot controls, a TX140 telehandler and a WX125 wheeled excavator.

Bobcat will be showing two new mini-excavators, the 329 and 335 models, at SAIE. The 3,33 tonne 329 and the 4,2 tonne 335 are rated at 20,6 and 30,3 kW respectively.

The 329 has a maximum digging depth of 3,1 m, a breakout force over the bucket cylinder of 3064 daN and a breakout force over the dipperstick cylinder of 1716 daN. For more on the 335 see this month’s equipment pages.

Bobcat’s sister-brand, Ingersoll Rand, will be represented by its distributor, Axeco. The company’s stand will feature portable compressors, rammers, single- and double-drum rollers and vibratory plate compactors.

New Cranes

With this year’s SAIE designated a crane year it’s no surprise to find the show dominated by crane manufacturers. While all the major global players in the sector will be present, there will also be some interesting models and components on show from smaller manufacturers.

Italian tower crane manufacturer, Raimondi, will be showing its new MT 243, a 240 tonnes/metre crane with a 75 m jib. Capable of lifting 2,2 tonnes at the jib end it has a maximum capacity of 16 tonnes.

There will also be plenty of Italian truck loader manufacturers at SAIE, including Effer, which will be showing its new 585 alongside the 1550, 850, 305, 165, 145, 110 and 30. Superseding the 550, the 5 tonne/metre 585 features a telescopic boom, with, according to the company, an exclusive decagonal profile.

Cormach will also be showing new products in the shape of its 34000 E and 125000 E. The engineering concept for the 34000 E is based on the 125000, although it includes a longer boom. More details of both machines will be available at the show.

Elsewhere, Fassi will be previewing its new T range, which comprises four basic models, in two versions, and the latest developments in its Evolution range. More details on both ranges will be available on the company’s stand.

PM will be showing its new 18S and 20.5S, the latest additions to its Silver range. While both are equipped with a double connecting rod, the 20.5S has a simplified electronic control system and the Power Tronic Compact feature, which assists during lifting. Maximum lift height is 17,4 m.

PM’s Gold range has also been expanded with restyled 25SP, 30SP, 40SP and 50P models on show. All now include the PM Power Tronic system, hydraulic outriggers and its new CDS (Controlled Downstroke System) for increased control when setting down delicate loads. Other features include a negative boom angle and Rotzler winches.

Italian manufacturer IMAI will be showing its SPD265C, SPD160C and SPD360C, part of its new Jekko Minicrane Series. With lift capacities from 1,3 to 10,5 tonnes the Jekko will be available with different outriggers, booms and 360° slewing.

Amco Veba is exhibiting three new models in its 800 Series of loader cranes, the 806, 807N, and 808. Also on display will be its new 936, which features a negative angle jib. Other features include Veba’s Power Link on every articulation, AVPS (Amco Veba Power System), SDD (Soft Descent Drive), SGS (Sprint Generation System) system and EBB (Electronic Black Box, with radio). Radio control is optional.

Also new is the VR85, the company’s largest crane yet. Features as standard include, SDD, SGS, EBB, and radio remote control.

Ferrari Corporation will show its new 721 loader crane, which features 400° of slewing on either a 20,6 or 21,95 m jib. Radio control is optional. Also new is the 736, which features a 21,05 or 23,9 m jib, 400° of rotation, and a radio control option. The new 990 has 29,2 m jib. Remote control is optional.

Visitors to Ormig’s stand will get a chance to see its latest pick and carry wheeled crane, the 16tm. Features include a 16 tonne lift capacity, a transport height of 2,37 m, and reduced steering radius. Lifting capacity at maximum reach is 2,1 tonnes. Special attachments such as forks, hydraulic fly- jibs, mechanical fly-jibs, can also be fitted.

Crane Components

Spain-based Itowa will be exhibiting its new Supervision and Control Interface (SCI), which records lifting and operational data. This can be accessed and monitored from any PC via the internet with the use of an individual pin code.

Among the exhibitors with remote controlled systems for tower cranes will be Italy-based manufacturer Autec. The company will be showing its new MK10-14, the latest addition to its Modular Series. The 10 button MK10-14, an extension of its MK10, now includes a compact and robust receiver with 12 commands (configurable up to 20) and power surge regulator, and it is IP65 rated.

Also on display will be pushbutton handsets with four to 12 buttons, and joystick controllers with stepped or step-less levers from its MJ series.

Users of radio remote controls for tower cranes should also visit Elca’s stand, where the company will be showing several new products, details of which will be available at the show.

Germany-based Rotzler will be showing two new winches, the Titan TC 3 and TC 5.

The TC 3 offers compact dimensions, a low weight and a lifting force of 41 kN. It is suitable for loader cranes or drilling equipment. The TC 5 has a lifting force of 57 kN and is suitable for heavy truck loader mobile or marine cranes.

Optional on both models is Rotzler’s MCD monitoring system (Measuring Control Device), which monitors hoisting torque.


Continuing the strong Italian presence at SAIE, the access areas will be dominated by domestic manufacturers. Showing various models from its truck-mounted Snake and Scorpion Series of aerial platforms will be Italian manufacturer Oil&Steel.

The latest addition to its Snake Series is the restyled Snake 2112 City. Previously an electro-hydraulic model the 2112 is now totally hydraulic. Also new are the Eagle S truck-mounted platforms - 2618, 3024, 3624, 4230, 5031 and 6232, with working heights between 26 and 62 m, and maximum lateral extensions between 18 and 32 m.

Other features include an articulated boom, electronic control system and lightweight basket. The Eagle S models come with a new Live Work System, which allows the operator to communicate between the basket and the ground control station with a webcam and microphone.

The company’s Octopussy Series, available in either Standard - Octopussy 10, 12, 14, 17 - or Twin - Octopussy 108 Twin, 1210 Twin, 1412 Twin and 1715 Twin - has been restyled. While the Twin models all feature a load control device, all the new platforms in the series will be equipped with new casings for the non-aerial parts.

Also new is Hinowa’s Lightlift 19.65 platform. It features a maximum operating height of 19 m and an outreach of 6,5 m. Other features include four outriggers and an 11 kW Honda engine.

Elsewhere, Barin will be showing two machines, the ABC 60/L, an under-bridge inspection unit, and the AP 60/30 aerial platform. The AP 60/30 has a maximum working height of 60 m, a maximum outreach of 31 m, and rotation of 360°. Maximum load is 440 kg. Further details of the ABC 60/L will be available at the show.

Palazzani will be showing the XTJ 42 and XTJ 48, the latest models in its Ragno range of spider platforms. Maximum working heights are 42 and 48 m, respectively

Both models are available as either self-propelled crawler or wheeled models, and come with a “bi- energy” system, either a diesel engine or electric motor. For safe operation both models are fitted with the company’s Area Managing System, which monitors the position and load of the legs and the platform.

Italian truck mounted aerial platform manufacturer CMC Platforms will be showing its PLJ 360. The three part hydraulic boom has a maximum working height of 36 m, maximum outreach of 26 m and a maximum load of 4,4 tonnes.

Elsewhere, Spain-based Asclimber will be showing its new XM L mast climber alongside its XM platform and hoist system. The XM L has a maximum platform length of 25 m, a maximum capacity of 2,5 tonnes and a maximum working height of 120 m. The XM features a maximum load of 1 tonne with a climbing speed of 24 m/minute.

Other Equipment

Visitors to JLG’s stand will be able to see its new 266 Lo Pro, the smallest machine at the ‘compact’ end of its telehandler range. Getting its world premier at SAIE, the 266 Lo-Pro is a variation of the 2,6 tonne capacity 266. It features a transport height of less than 2 m and a width of 2,04 m. Powered by a 75 kW Deutz engine, it has a 5,8 m lift height and hydrostatic drive system, with four- wheel drive, and three-mode four-wheel-steer.

Like all JLG’s telehanders it comes with a selection of boom and outrigger options, a low boom pivot design with side-mounted engines and a high-visibility cab. Other features include a multi- function single joystick provides, load moment indicator, and easy to read control panels.

Another new telehandler is Bobcat’s new 10 m T35100, which fills the gap between its existing T3571 and T35120. Like the 12 m T35120, the T35100 is available in three versions, the first with no self-levelling and no stabilisers, the second featuring just the self-levelling system and the third version incorporating both stabilisers and self-levelling.

The company will also be showing its new HB1180 hydraulic breaker, which offers an impact energy of 975 J. For more details on this see this month’s Breaker feature on page 51.

Hydro-demolition equipment manufacturer Aquajet will be showing two new products at SAIE, the HVD Evolution and HVE Evolution. Both machines feature its on-board Evolution Control System, the new Smart Lance Control and its Equal Distance System (EDS).

According to Aquajet, the new Evolution Control System, together with its EDS, provides a +15 to +20% increase in removal capacity. It features a built-in operator’s manual in six languages and detailed operator support on a machine-mounted display, which continuously monitors machine systems and functions, and provides a warning should any overloading take place.

The new Smart Lance Control enables the operator to feed in only a few key parameters, such as work width, lance angle, lance speed, and depth, while automatically adjusting a number of underlying parameters for optimum results.

The company’s new EDS system controls and maintains nozzle distance from the concrete surface, which ensures no power is lost due to the nozzle being too far from the surface.

New from Manitou for the Italian market is the MRT 3050 rotating telescopic handler. The company’s tallest rotating telescopic handler to date, it offers lift heights from 14 to 30 m.

Its five-section boom is capable of lifting 5 tonnes, and will take a wide variety of attachments including, forks, lifting hook and man basket.

Like the rest of the MRT range it is equipped with a rated capacity indicator (RCI), which provides the operator with information on the load and also gives the maximum load for the position the boom/machine is in. In addition, a sensor located on each stabiliser provides precise information on their positions. Radio control is optional.

Lissmac’s new FS 13/2 floor cutter is designed for use with saw blades up to 500 mm in diameter, for a cutting depth of up to 175 mm. To cool the saw blade and reduce dust generation a flange spraying system comes as standard. It is available with a petrol (9,6 kW), diesel (7,7 kW) or electric motor (7,5 kW).

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