40% less power for new Scando

24 April 2008

Alimak Hek's new Scando 450 hoist pictured at the company's test facility.

Alimak Hek's new Scando 450 hoist pictured at the company's test facility.

Following the launch of the modular Alimak Hek Scando 650 construction hoist last year, the company unveiled the smaller Scando 450 at the National Construction Exhibition held in Sydney, Australia in November, writes Claire Symes.

The new 450 hoist, which has a maximum payload capacity of 2000 kg, is an upgraded and re-branded version of the previous Alimak CH model. The hoist will be available in the second quarter of 2006, and Alimak sales and marketing manager Mats Hedlund says; 'The upgrade offers many advantages for our customers. Components, accessories and spare parts can now be coordinated across the range.”

Improvements on the new 450 model include lower energy consumption - up to 40% less than previous models - and a new frequency control unit which smoothes starting and stopping by using lower initial currents to reduce wear and tear and to lower energy consumption.

The Scando 450 offers car sizes up to 1.4 m wide and 3.2 m long, and power from one-, two-, or three-phase motors. The 450 uses the same landing doors and gates as the 650 and the same enclosure door interlock. Other features include wider sleeves for forklift truck handling; a new erection crane bracket as required by EU regulations; the use of the same machinery frame whether one or two drive motors are used; and stainless steel electric cabinets.

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