Cat coupler grabs attention

By Lindsay Gale07 April 2015

Cat has introduced a new pin grabber coupler that it says has been designed for safety and performance. It features a powerful, two-stage locking system that ensures work tool engagement and provides both an audio and visual verification of proper attachment. Once engaged, the internal mechanism then combines with continual hydraulic force from the machine and actual digging forces to keep the work tool secure.

It features a wedge-lock system for primary pin retention, as well as a positive secondary latch. The system maintains constant hydraulic pressure on the wedge; the coupler frame, rather than the activating cylinder, absorbs most of the forces involved to help ensure long-term durability. In compliance with new safety regulations, the coupler maintains tool position in the event of hydraulic pressure loss.

The new coupler is available for excavator models 311 through 349 (D, E, and F Series) and is compatible with Cat work tools and most competitive buckets. In addition, most F Series models have factory-installed auxiliary hydraulic systems ready to operate the coupler.

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