Edge Innovate solution for Go Waste

By Lindsay Gale26 May 2015

Ten processes make up Go Waste's new fines separation plant supplied by Edge Innovate

Ten processes make up Go Waste's new fines separation plant supplied by Edge Innovate

In the UK, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have raised a bar to trommel fines being sent to landfill because as of April 2015, such waste material is now liable to the full rate of landfill tax, £82.00 (US$126) per tonne. Go Waste, a Saltley based recycling operation established in 1985 that takes in waste from the greater Birmingham, UK, region was therefore in the market for a new separation plant that would help process the growing waste volumes the company is receiving as well as cope with the higher qualifying standards imposed by HMRC.

The company selected a recovery plant supplied by Edge Innovate that consists of a 10 stage separation process that is proving an ideal solution to reducing landfill costs and generating more revenue. The plant incorporates a feeder stockpiler with bespoke hopper, a flip flop screen, over-band and head drum magnets, blowers and a material classifier. The plant combines mechanical screening with “Light V Heavy” material recovery technology to produce clean saleable recyclables and divert large volume of materials away from landfill.

According to owner Mick Jones: “The machines from Edge and the service from Max Innovate [Edge Innovate distributor] have been a great success for us, we are now processing on a regular basis between 15-20 tonnes per hour of waste through the new machine. The core process for the plant is to separate the heavy and light fractions, and in achieving this we generate a clean soil coming off it now. With the additional magnets supplied by Edge Innovate, we are extracting all the metal, right down to screws and tacks. Through this process we have found that around 50% of the fines that we were taking to landfill is now turned into clean heavies which is of course a hard-core product that we can dispose of much easier and more cost effectively. So we are now making a very substantial saving on our running costs compared to before.”

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