Question of the month: Credit conditions

By Chris Sleight18 April 2011

How difficult is it to raise credit compared to a year ago?

How difficult is it to raise credit compared to a year ago?

For the third year running in April, CE asked respondents to the survey about their experiences gaining credit compared to a year ago. The good news is that the situation is improving. This year, fewer people than in 2010 and 2009 said they were having problems gaining credit, and the most popular answer was that the situation was the same.

But conditions are still tough. Just over 52% of respondents said it was harder to get money this year than last year, although in previous years this figure has been higher. Perhaps more worryingly, just 8.5% of respondents said credit was easier find this year than last year, down from 11.5% in 2010.

In other words, the credit situation may not be getting any worse, but it's not getting any better either.

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