A new dimension in Saudi housebuilding

By Mike Hayes27 March 2017

Illustration of a 3D printed house design from WinSun

Illustration of a 3D printed house design from WinSun

Construction firm Al Mobty is set to build 1.5 million affordable homes in Saudi Arabia, using 3D printing.

The news follows a joint venture agreement made between Al Mobty and Chinese firm WinSun, which will supply 100 3D printing machines, in a deal reported to be worth 10 billion yuan (US$1.5 billion).

WinSun recently announced another headlining deal, in which it plans to 3D print 17 office blocks in Dubai.

Speaking about the new housing project, the Chinese group said Al Mobty’s decision to work with its 3D printing system would result in a reduction in waste on the project, as well as savings on the cost of materials and labour, and a more eco-friendly build.

WinSun said it was committed to producing 100 3D printing machines for delivery to Saudi Arabia within the next six months. The group also announced it will roll out a new business model for green buildings as part of its agreement with Al Mobty, but that the model would be equally viable on projects worldwide.

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