Accurate positioning of big payload

10 March 2009

Kuka Systems Corp., a manufacturer of industrial robots and lift solutions, showed off its omniMove wheel on an 18 m lift platform. The omniMove wheel consists of eight specially shaped, non-driven rollers which are mounted between two identical stable rims. The diagonal alignment of the rollers allows the machine to navigate in confined spaces and turn on a spot. Each wheel can be controlled and driven individually.

"People are impressed," said Wolfgang Günther general manager for marketing omniMove for Kuka . Each omniMove wheel is capable of maintaining 3 tons of weight and Kuka's largest carrier - an 80 ton platform - used 32 wheels to move the load. The machine features non-marking tires as to not damage floor surfaces, and, Mr Günther, also the inventor of the omniMove wheel, said the development of this type of machinery could make it accessible for rental companies in the future. "This unit is mostly used for maintenance and paint (currently)," said Mr Günther. "To show at APEX is business development. It shows people technology."

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