Alo goes pink for cancer awareness

Alo Group breast cancer awareness

To champion breast cancer prevention and early detection Alo Lift introduced a range of awareness initiatives during an in-house event. 

One of them saw Alo Lift paint its 17 AJ RT boom lift pink. Commenting on the painted lift, Patricio Zenklussen, Image and Communications Manager at Alo, said it “was more than a beacon for the cause; it was a symbol of solidarity. Visibility is essential in combating breast cancer.” 

Embracing the motto Let’s Elevate Self-Care, Alo Lift strategically positioned its pink equipment across Santiago from its headquarters to Quilicura’s logistics hubs and various health institutions.

Alo Group breast cancer awareness

“This campaign was emblematic and educational,” said Daniella Criado, Chair of the Alo Joint Committee. “We empowered our female workforce with crucial self-care knowledge through workshops.”

During Alo Group’s internal event for its female staff, which took place during October, specialists and midwives from the Universidad del Desarrollo led supportive discussions on breast cancer prevention, implications and the importance of regular check-ups.

“Awareness is the catalyst for change. It’s a collective endeavour where every dialogue counts. It’s heartening to witness firms prioritising the health of their female employees,” said Antonia Vergara, a participating midwife. “Health is our most treasured asset; prevention is the key to safeguarding it.”

Alo Group breast cancer awareness

Alo Lift thanked all its campaign collaborators, including Bastián Urbina’s Painting Workshop team, which brought a vibrant atmosphere to the cause. The company added that it hoped the event would lead to future campaigns. 

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