Australia induction for Geda crane hoist

By Euan Youdale01 February 2013

The Geda 2 PK crane hoist being used in the state of Victoria, Australia

The Geda 2 PK crane hoist being used in the state of Victoria, Australia

Geda’s 2 PK hoist for cranes is being used for the first time in Australia.

It is helping to provide training for tower crane operators, carried out by Australia-based construction industry trade union CFMEU.

The Geda 2 PK is designed to transport two people and has a load capacity of 200 kg. This means crane maintenance-related material can also be transported, if required. The hoist has a lifting speed of 25 m/min to a maximum standard height of 120 m, with greater heights being available by request.

The cage has an entry ramp with folding side protection and a barrier for safe access to the crane. It also incorporates safety doors which do not open until the hoist is in place.

In addition to the main steering mechanism in the cage, the Geda 2 PK has an additional mechanism in the ground station or as an option at the upper exit point. In high winds, the crane operator can lower the cage from the upper landing gate, and carry on working. This means the crane does not have to withstand any additional wind forces in the upper area.

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