Best practice

24 April 2008

While High Reach Demolition Rigs are Common Sights, there has been little guidance on their use. Accidents are thankfully rare but, as with any type of heavy equipment, do happen. The UK’s National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) recognised this lack of guidance, and has been working over the last few years to rectify the situation. Its recently published High Reach Demolition Rig Guidance Notes lays down the best practice for the use of such machines.

Much emphasis is laid on appropriate site surveys and working platform construction, as problems with the latter were identified as being the cause of many of the accidents that have occurred with high reach machines. In addition, working in the correct position (head on, right drive orientation, distance from the building) is also stressed. The notes have been well received by the European industry, and it is possible they will be adopted as the recognised code of practice Europe-wide

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