Big Access

15 April 2008

Big isn't necessarily best, of course, but there is definitely a theme to the new products being launched at Bauma this year – high reach and large capacity.

In truck mounts it means the 101 m machine from Bronto and a new 70 m model from Wumag, and in hoists – especially hoists – it means high–speed, high–capacity models from Alimak Hek, Steinweg Böcker, Pega, Stros, Scaninter, Maber, China's GJJ and others.

Look out, also for some new or new–ish names in the access business – Onik from Spain and Raxtar from The Netherlands, both in the mast climbing and hoist sector.

The show will be full to brimming with new machines, notably many of the latest North American platforms seen at the recent ARA show in Atlanta. This will include Genie's new Z–40 boom using a.c. drive technology (see News), JLG's 1230ES mast boom, Snorkel's AB85 articulated model, and the first sighting in Europe of Skyjack's telescopic boom range (actually on the IPAF stand).

Among the Europeans, watch out for new telehandlers from Haulotte and Liebherr, Manitou's 150TP now in its production version, and Leguan's first scissor lift. UpRight is also promising something new, and Nostolift will take the opportunity to show its newly acquired Kesla machines.

IPAF, meanwhile, is again punching above its weight in having managed to get a massive 1500 m2demonstration area in which to demonstrate the benefits of powered access to the over 400000 Bauma visitors.

A full guide to the access exhibitors at Bauma is given on the following pages. We will also provide additional last–minute news in our Bauma 'Stop–Press' issue in April. Access International once again attends, with publisher KHL Group, and we invite readers to our stand number 301 in Hall 3B. See you in Munich! AI

Access Exhibitors

3B6 A5.328 Control systems for aerial platforms and other equipment will be on show from Italian company 3B6.

Access InternationalB3.301 Access International will exhibit with its publisher, KHL Group, on stand 301 in Hall B3.

Access Systems Climber (AS Climber) F10.1002/1 Pride of place on the Spanish company's stand will be one of the XMH heavy–duty mast climber range, developed by XL Developpement in France. It will show the smallest version, which in standard configuration offers 5 t of payload and a 32 m platform. In special configuration, its payload is 8 t and the platform can be up to 40 m long. Its square–section, single mast can extend up to 200 m. Climbing speed is 12 m/sec.

Aichi Corp F11.1101/1 European visitors looking for Aichi's long–awaited scissors and articulated booms will have to wait a little longer. The machines are still being readied for Europe, but not in time for Bauma. Instead, you will see three telescopic booms, the crawler SR12 and the wheeled SP21 and SP25.

Airo Tigieffe F10.1004/3 Italy's Airo Tigieffe will show a selection of its self–propelled boom and scissor lifts, including the recently developed vertical mast industrial platforms.

Alba–Macrel C3.303, A1.306, F10.1004/7 A selection of mast climbers and hoists from Spain's Alba.

Albert Böcker F12.1203/2 Co–exhibiting with sister companies Robert Böcker and Steinweg Böcker, Albert Böcker will show a new model in its range of trailer mounted aerial platforms/material lifts. The new AHK 31/1400 is an aluminium, 3.5 t trailer crane that converts to a 26 m working height, 250 kg basket payload aerial platform.

Alher F12.1204/1 Spain's Alher will show its range of work platforms and hoists. Of particular interest might be the 600 kg payload T7–CR hoist, designed especially for installation in lift pits and other confined spaces often encountered in renovation work.

Alimak Hek F11.1102/6 Both new hoists and mast climbers come from the Swedish–based company. Mast climber owners will be most interested in a completely new Hek modular mast climbing product range incorporating light, medium and heavy duty models and allowing the creation of transport platforms and material hoists. The key question on many Hek owners' lips will be whether the new system will use the same mast sections as Hek's current range. “It has a kind of impact”, is all a Hek spokesperson would say, although adding that “the modular concept will give a lot of benefits to customers.”

On the hoist side, Alimak shows the new Alimak Scando 650 FC–S, a high–speed version of the modular Scando 650 launched at Bauma 2004. This high–speed model will have a top speed of 100 m/min, matching that of the Scando Super model that it will replace, and will extend the maximum operating height to 400 m, up from 250 m on the Super.

Also new is the A3 system for remotely monitoring the performance of a hoist. Comprising a small control box with a modem and an antenna on the roof of the hoist cage, the system will allow Alimak Hek and the hoist owner to diagnose faults and monitor usage. Alerts can be sent by e–mail, by text message or seen on an extranet website. The system will work with Alimak hoists and Hek mast climbing platforms, and a further version – branded 'Orange Box'–will be made available for fitting to other brands of products.

Altrex A2.300 Netherlands scaffolding, suspended access and access tower manufacturer.

Anton Ruthmann F10.1006/8 Users wanting rough–terrain access to work at height might want to see Ruthmann's 22 m working height TB 220 mounted on a Scam SMT 55 all–terrain carrier, manufactured in the Czech Republic. The 5.5 t GVW unit is the first of its type for Ruthmann. Visitors can also view the 10000th Steiger platform ever built, also a TB 220, but on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Ruthmann is celebrating the production milestone by auctioning the specially painted, gold and silver unit, valued at €85000, on Ebay during the show, and will donate 20% of sale proceeds to charity.

AST F7.N717/3 AST is the German dealer for Fraco. See separate entry for Fraco.

Barin F13.1302/1 Underbridge access specialist Barin will show its 32 t ABC 180/200 LS model, recently sold to Germany's TILA, based in Berlin. It can position its 18 x 1.3 m, 600kg payload platform up to 9 m below bridge decks while clearing sidewalks up to 4.30 m wide and edge barriers up to 5.60 m high.

Bison Palfinger F8.N822/3 Palfinger's truck mounted aerials division will show a selection of its platforms, including the 35 m working height TKA 35 KS.

Braviisol F11.1104/10 This Italian company is riding the wave of market success of its self–propelled, mini platform, the Leonardo. It is showing the latest version, which, since last October, is 20 kg lighter at 450 kg and has a 180 kg capacity, up 30 kg. UK rental company Wizard Workspace recently bought 60 units.

Bronto Skylift F13.1203/3 Want to see the world's tallest aerial platform? Then visit Bronto to marvel at its 101 m working height HLA 101. What's more, the Finnish company will show its new S 70 XDT, a 70 m working height boom on a 4–axle MAN carrier, with a GVW of less than 35 t and travel length under 12 m. The machine has a 700 kg cage payload and an outreach that must be extraordinary: Bronto won't reveal it until the show. “There is nothing new about [this model's] technologies and components; we've just taken well–tested technology to a new level,” regional sales manager Jan Denks told AI.

Camac A1.105 Spanish company Camac is launching the ECP–1000 into the middle of its transport platform range. The 1750 x 1400 mm cabin lifts a maximum of five passengers or 1000 kg of material at speeds of 24 or 12 m/min. Its motor is frequency controlled for smooth starting and stopping.

CMC F13.1302/1 The Italian company will show a selection of its truck mounted platforms.

Cormach F8.N826/1 Cormach is best known for its truck–mounted cranes, but several of these models are capable of being fitted with aerial platforms.

CTE F11.1103/3 CTE is still deciding on what new equipment to exhibit. Meanwhile, it plans to show its small Z-19 truck-mounted platform and the new CS170 tracked machine. The CS170 is available in two versions, with one person and two-person cage capacities. Platform heights on both are 15 m, outreach is 7.5 m, and they weigh between 2000 and 2050 kg. CTE also produces the Bizzocchibranded machines.

De Jong's Liften F7.N717/3 Fast-expanding Netherlands hoist manufacturer De Jong exhibits at Bauma having just formalized its North American dealership arrangement with Canada's Fraco Products.

Dieci F9.907A This Italian company will exhibit from its range of telehandlers.

Dinolift F13.1305/2 Finnish aerial platform manufacturer Dinolift (previously Dino Lift) promises an entirely new product, but is unwilling to give advance details before Bauma. It also says it will also be giving some of its existing trailer mounted platforms a “facelift” to update their look and with some new details to help protect the machines during use.

Encomat F11.1106/4 So busy is Spain's Encomat designing the twin–masted transport platform it plans to show, that the model is yet un–named. The company has determined, however, that it will have a 2000 to 2500 kg capacity.

ESDA Fahrzeugwerke F13.1302/3 German manufacturer ESDA is launching the TG1800, a 7.5 t truck mounted platform with 18 m working height, 12.4 m of outreach, and a basket payload of 280 kg. Its telescoping jib supports an arm that swivels 180º and is angulated, a feature that reduces transport length. Also on the stand will be the 22 m working height TL22, which now can reach below the level of the bed of its 3.5 t carrier. ESDA is a Socage dealer and is exhibiting with Swiss access sales company Schuler & Schlömmer. (Socage exhibits in its own right on an adjacent stand.)

European Rental Association A7.205 The European Rental Association (ERA) is the one–year old body created to “to promote the rental concept in order to facilitate a continued growth of the sector…” Its members include many of the largest aerial platform manufacturers in Europe as well as IPAF and Access International.

Fixator A3.220; A3.115/1 The French suspended access company exhibits at Bauma and will show its recently–launched Fixeo masted system.

Fraco Products F7.N717/3 Exhibiting with its German dealer AST, Canada's Fraco will display its latest product, the 1800 kg capacity ACT–4 mast climbing work platform. It can reach a height of 167 m when installed with a ground base, and its freestanding maximum height is about 18 m. The machine's platform extends to 14.2 m and climbs at 4.9 m/min. The model has been in the German market since last Autumn.

Geda F10.1004/1 Geda launches new versions of its well–established 500/1200/1500 Z/ZP three–model range of transport platforms, offering the possibility of converting the transport platforms into fully enclosed passenger/material hoists designed with either a 2,5 m high base enclosure (Comfort range) or a lower base enclosure (Standard line). Hoist speeds on the hoist versions rise to 40 m/min on the two larger sizes, and remain at 24 m/min on the smallest version. Erection and dismantling of the enclosure can be carried out safely from within the cage.

Geda will have another product at Bauma. It has cooperated with German formwork manufacturer Doka to create a Table Lifting System that provides an alternative to a crane for lifting formwork panels on tall structures. That will be shown on the Doka stand.

Gemmo A5.205 Gemmo makes tracked undercarriages that end up on many of the crawler mounted aerial platform models on the market.

Genie Industries F7.704/705 New products from across Genie's range will be shown at Bauma: the Z–40/23N, a narrow articulated boom; the GS–3232 scissor, a narrow electric model; and the GTH–6025R, a 6000 kg capacity rotating telehandler. The show will also see the European launch of the S–60HC, the high capacity version of the S–60 introduced in North America last year.

The main attraction will be the electric Z–40/23N, which is a 14.3 m working height articulated boom with a narrow width of 1.5 m and tight turning radius of 0.61 m. It will weigh 6908 kg.

One notable feature of the machine is the use of a frequency controlled a.c. drive system as opposed to the more normal d.c. power. This technology has been pioneered in the industrial forklift market and, says Genie, offers advantages including higher speeds and more efficient use of energy.

The new GS–3232 scissor, meanwhile, is another narrow product, marrying the chassis of the 2032 scissor with the scissor stack of the 3246 model. It has a maximum working height of 11.58 m, and a footprint of 2.41 m long and 0.81 m wide stowed. It uses outriggers above 22 ft (6.7 m) (the outriggers fall within the base dimensions and level automatically.)

The rotating GTH–6025R has a maximum lifting height of 24.8 m, a maximum forward reach of 21.5 m, and a lifting capacity of 6000 kg. It has four independent, hydraulically operated stabilizers.

GJJ F8.N820/7 GJJ is China's largest manufacturer of hoists and mast climbers. On show will be the SCD320G, a 3200 kg hoist with a maximum speed of 96 m/min and standard, maximum mast height of 450 m. Manufacturer of the GJJ brand, Jing Long Eng. Machinery, is located in Guangzhou in the south of China.

Goian Stand 1003/8 – Frelgelände 9–12 One of the most active of the Spanish mast climber and hoist manufacturers, Goian – part of the Jaso Group – promises five new machines this year alone. The first one, on show in Munich, is the 1500 kg capacity GE15. Lift speed is 37 m/min and the cage's internal dimensions are 1500 by 3200 mm and 2000 mm high. It will use the same mast as its GP40 and GM1500 models.

GSR F10.1003/3 Truck mounted platforms from the Italian manufacturer.

Hanix Europe F6.N613/6 Hanix previously announced that it was going to launch a tracked aerial platform in Europe at Bauma. However, Hanix Europe's managing director Mr Masato Sue says high demand for its products in Japan has forced it to delay its European launch until 2008, or 2009 at the latest. Still, the company's stand is still worth a visit if you want to learn more about its export plans.

Haulotte Group F10.1005/3 The French aerial platform manufacturer will show its first own-design HTL (Haulotte Top Lift) telehandlers, which will be 3 t capacity/14 m reach and 4 t capacity/17 m models. These are being built at Haulotte's new facility in Santander, Spain, following the dissolution of its telehandler joint venture with Faresin.

Haulotte will show its wide range of aerial platforms well as the Multijob MJX 900, the 360 degree rotation backhoe with telescopic loader. This model has been available in France for over year and is now being launched Europe-wide.

Helmut Kempkes A1.317 A selection of vertical mast access products from the German manufacturer.

Hermann Paus C2.328 This German company specializes in trailer mounted aerial platforms. It is also a Sky–High dealer.

Hinowa A6.222; C4.209/304 The Italian specialist in compact equipment – including tracked aerial platforms – will not have any new lifts to show at Bauma, instead focusing on a new range of mini–dumpers and fork lift machines.

Hirschmann A5.207 Hirschmann supplies electronic controls for OEM and retrofit applications.

Hitachi Construction Machinery F5.504/1 Hitachi keeps a low profile in the aerial platform market, but don't forget that it manufactures a range of telescopic crawler–mounted booms, as well as other models.

Holland Lift International F12.1201 Holland Lift, known for its high–capacity and narrow scissor lifts, will display two new models. The 23 m working height, Hatz diesel–powered MonoStar T–210DL25 4WD/P/N is 2100 mm wide and has a 1000 kg capacity. Five metres taller is the 28.2 m working height, electrically powered CombiStar N–265EL13 4WDS, which has 750 kg capacity.

Hydra Platforms C4.107 Hydra manufactures truck and trailer mounted underbridge inspection platforms and is proud of its “22–year, 100% safe operating record.”

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) F10.N1014/9 IPAF is using Bauma to launch its UK–initiated 'Clunk–Click' safety harness promotional campaign in Germany under the 'Klick–Klack' banner. It follows the launch of the campaign in North America during February's Rental Show in Atlanta. The aim of the campaign is to ensure that operators in boom–type platforms (but not scissor lifts) use appropriate safety harnesses.

Tim Whiteman, IPAF's managing director, said the campaign was all the more powerful for having been the initiative of rental company members; “it a real ground roots campaign.”

IPAF will have a 1500 m2demonstration area at Bauma to promote the use of powered access equipment and to focus attention on safe use of equipment and harnesses. Among the machines being demonstrated will be Skyjack's new 45 ft telescopic boom – its first appearance in Europe.

Mr Whiteman said IPAF would also use Bauma “to make people think about what to do in an emergency.” This will include a demonstration of abseiling equipment from a large truck mounted platform. Seminar topics will cover harnesses and the correct placing of outriggers.

International Rental News F12.1204/4 AI's sister magazine exhibits on the stand of publisher KHL Group.

Iteco F11.1102/1 Italy's scissor and boom lift manufacturer Iteco will show a selection of its new range of scissor lifts.

JLG Industries F10.1002 The big attraction on the JLG stand will be the new, Tonneins–built, 3.66 platform height 1230ES mast lift– JLG's competitor to UpRight's TM12 model. The machine was first shown at the Rental Show in February, but Bauma will be its first major exhibition in Europe.

The company will also have a wide range of its other aerial platforms and telehandlers, including one handler in the green colours of Same-Deutz-Fahr to mark the third anniversary of the supply agreement initially launched at Bauma in 2004. A JLG–manufactured Caterpillar telehandler will be on the Cat stand.

KHL Group B3.301 KHL Group is the publisher of Access International, International Rental News, American Lift and Handlers, and other magazines in the international construction industry.

Kreitzler Industriebühnen F12.1201/3 The German company is best known for its scissor lifts, but also manufactures articulated self–propelled booms.

Leguan Lifts F7.709/2 Leguan Lifts, the aerials division of Finnish company High Set Tecno, will display its first scissor lift, the 1500 kg, 8 m working height, rough–terrain scissor lift, the 80sx model. It will also show its compact wheeled and tracked lifts.

Lionlift F12.1204/4 Leading this Italian company's display is the 18 m working height GS 18.11 tracked platform, which the company told AI is the first of three, fully–hydraulically–controllled models that will grow to “25 to 30 m of working height by mid–2007”. On show also will be a selection of its vehicle–mounted aerial platforms.

Loxam B3.316 French rental giant Loxam exhibits at Bauma to promote its rental operations throughout Europe, and Germany in particular. It is one of the largest owners of aerial platforms in Europe.

Maber F10.1001 Maber will exhibit a new, 7000 kg capacity material hoist, although the company was unable to provide advance details.

Manitou F9.908/1 Bauma is the official launch of the 150 TP, Manitou's 1000 kg capacity, 15 m platform height, telescoping platform, previewed last year at Intermat. The French company has given the 8 t, 4WD machine a platform length extending to 6.3 m, and a key feature is the ability to move the platform horizontally at a constant height with a single control lever.

Matilsa F11.1102/1

This Spanish company, busy moving into its new facility in Zaragoza, is giving its stand a sloping floor so that it can effectively demonstrate the benefits of the outriggers on its range of self–propelled booms with working heights up to 16 m. It will also show its 13 m working height Parma 13E, an electrically powered trailer–mounted model.

Merlo F9.910A Merlo continues the 18–month revamping of its 70–odd models, most recently having replaced its K and KS series of smaller, slewing telehandlers. The range of five machines, models 38.14, 38.14S,38.16, 38.16S, and the 50.10S, has a 2500 kg capacity at maximum lift heights ranging from 10.4 to 15.7 m. The Italian company has given them the new boom and cab designs earlier introduced on other, larger machines. AI has been told that the company is saving announcement of other, new machines for the show itself.

Moog F13.1303/4 The German underbridge inspection specialist will have a selection of its highly regarded equipment on show.

MVS Zeppelin B6.201 German rental company MVS Zeppelin – sister to Caterpillar dealer Zeppelin – operates a fleet of access platforms, although it will be using Bauma to promote its rental of heavy construction equipment with operators.

Niftylift F11.1103/7 The UK's big name manufacturer will exhibit a wide range of its trailer mounted and self–propelled articulated models.

Norbert Wienold B4.201 Weinold is a specialist in lightweight material handling equipment and aerial platforms, and is a dealer for Genie Industries aluminum products.

Nostolift F6.606/4 Nostolift manufactures truck mounted platforms notable for their low–stowed heights, but last year acquired the XS range of rough–terrain platforms from Kesla. Bauma will be the first major exhibition at which Nostolift shows its newly acquired products. On show will be the XS240, the 24 m working height model.

Omme Lift F11.1102/1 Denmark's Omme exhibits through its Germany company, Omme Lift GmbH, and will show, among other products, its new Mini 15 EBZ, whose 15 m working height puts it in the middle of the company's trailer–mount line. Two other trailers, at 12 and 18.3 m of working height, will also be on the stand, along with the crawler platform 3000 RBD.

Onik Sistemas de Elevacion F10.1004/1 This Spanish newcomer to the mast climber scene, based in San Sebastian, will show its K108 work platform, with a 34.7 m long platform and lift capacity of 5000 kg.

OP Pagliero F12.1203/1 Pagliero said it “will be exhibiting…a number of new machines”. More details in the Bauma 'Stop Press' guide in our April–May issue.

Oil and Steel F7.N715/2

Oil & Steel of Italy will exhibit from its Eagle S series of truck–mounted platforms, with working heights from 26 to 62 m, and whose articulating jib booms provide more flexible access than the standard Eagle models. The S range also features the Live Work system – first seen at SAIE last year – that provides a video and audio link between the platform and remote ground stations. The company will also exhibit four models from its Octopussy Twin line of crawlers, with working heights between 10 and 17 m.

Palfinger See entry for Bison Palfinger.

Palazzani Industrie Palazzani will exhibit a new 42 m working height platform.

Pega Hoist F10.1001/3 Czech hoist manufacturer Pega, now exhibiting at its fifth Bauma, will launch new models but is saving all details for announcement at the show. The company will be expecting a lot of interest in its products following its high–profile work on the massive Burj Dubai project in the Middle East.

Platform Basket F9.901A/2 The Italian company will exhibit from its ranges of diesel and electric self–propelled aerial work platforms and bi–energy tracked spiders

Raxtar F11.1104/4 Founded two–and–a–half years ago by a former Hek MD and another partner, this Dutch manufacturer is launching a construction hoist “based on our experience in the hoist rental business for more than 35 years,” co–founder Pascal Matheeuwsen told AI. The Rx2032HFC model has a 2000 kg, 24–passenger capacity and climbs at variable speeds up to 72 m/min. It is modular: any two cages combine without parts or modification to a double–cage configuration, and the 3.2 m long cages themselves adapt to 3.6 or 4.0 m lengths. Its controls are software–based and link to remote computers. All electrical components are standard items worldwide, said the company.

Rexroth Part of Bosch, Rexroth manufactures a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic controls and actuators for access equipment.

Robert Böcker Part of the wider Böcker Group, Robert Böcker will show a range of equipment including a new vertical mast platform with special adjustable outriggers to allow its use in sloped and narrow locations, such as a cinema – hence its name, the Kino–Lift.

Rothlehner F10.1003/3 Dealer for GSR and Worldlift; see entries above and below.

Ruthmann See entry for Anton Ruthmann.

Saltec F11.1103/9 This Spanish company has two new material hoists, both of which feature 9/18 m/min speeds and 100%, hot–dip, galvanized steel construction. The 1.5 t capacity PL15 has a 2 by 1.8 m cage, and that of the 4 t capacity PL40 is 4 by 1.8 m.

Scanclimber/Scaninter F13.1302 From Finland comes a new hoist, the 1400 kg/17 person capacity model SC1432, which can reach a height of 200 m. Scanclimber told AI that it is a “completely new design, the first in a line of midrange hoists.” The company said it had already sold about 50 units for delivery into Scandinavia, central Europe and Russia.

Skyjack F11.1104/7 If you want to see one of Skyjack's new telescopic booms, don't go to the Skyjack stand, instead, go along to the International Powered Access Federation's (IPAF) massive demonstration area where one of the new Skyjack 13.7 m telescopic booms will be on show. There wasn't enough room on the Skyjack stand for the boom – the stand will have several rough–terrain and electric scissors on show.

Federation's (IPAF) massive demonstration area where one of the new Skyjack 13.7 m telescopic booms will be on show. There wasn't enough room on the Skyjack stand for the boom – the stand will have several rough–terrain and electric scissors on show.

Snorkel International F11.1101/2 Snorkel will open a new European warehouse in De Lier, near Rotterdam, around Bauma time, and will use the exhibition to promote this new facility – which will also allow European customers to pay in Euros – and to show new machines, including the articulated AB85J seen at the US Rental Show and also the new 3370 rough terrain scissor built in New Zealand.

Socage F13.1303/1 Socage, part of the Fassi Group, will show a number of machines launched at last year's SAIE exhibition in Italy, including the Sioux TJ50, the Apache T33 and the crawler–mounted Navaho DA17J.

Steinweg Böcker Baumaschinen F12.1203/2 Steinweg–Böcker finally shows its new big hoists, the so–called Giantlift. With a 3200 kg capacity, the hoist climbs at speeds between 30 and 60 m/min to heights up to 400 m. One of the hoists has already been working at the Neurath Power Plant in Germany. The Westphalia–based company will also show its Compact Superlift MX 320 hoist, which can lift three people or 300 kg to 100 m.

Stros F12.1204/6 Czech hoist specialist Stros will show a new, 65 m/min version of its personnel and materials hoist, the NOV 2738 II.

Tecchio B4.136 Tecchio has been able to offset the heavier weights of the new Euro 4 rated 3.5 t carriers and still deliver 22 m of working height and 12.4 m of outreach with its K422DAT. Its pantographic, two–section boom, with jib, supports a cage that rotates horizontally through 90º and has a 245 kg payload.

Teupen F12.1201/2 New trailer– and truck–mounted platforms come from this German aerial platform specialist. The Euro B 12T is a 12 m working height platform mounted on a Toyota Dyna 100 LY. One of its key benefits is a small footprint – just 2.5 m by 2.2 m. The jib and basket are insulated to 1000 V.

Teupen adds to its tracked, articulated line with the 17.9 m working height Leo 18GT, a model that will fill a gap between the existing Leo 15GT and Leo 23GT. Also new is the Gepard 15GT, an articulated trailer mounted platform using the boom from the Leo 15GT.

Time Export F12.1204/3 If your need is rough–terrain access to work power lines under “hot line” conditions, stop here to see the world–debuting, 19 m working height VST 5500 MHI, mounted on a Unimog 5000 carrier. Its articulating, telescoping arm is rated at 69000 V, and it has two, independently rotating buckets. Also on the stand is the 18 m VT51 NF, a three–section, telescoping boom on a Mercedes Vario van carrier, for 7.5 t GVW. Smaller yet, but new also, is the 13.5 m ET36 NF on an Iveco natural gas–powered van carrier, at 5 t GVW. Rounding out the new items on display will be the 10.8 m ET32 NF on an Opel van carrier, at 3.28 t GVW, which uses a hydraulic axle locking system, instead of outriggers, for stability while deployed.

Trojan C2.105/208 Trojan is exhibiting its batteries at the stand of its German agent, A Müller.

TVH A6.203 Belgian parts specialist TVH has entered the powered access sector in the past few years, acting as an independent seller of parts for all brands of aerial platforms. It also rents and services aerials in Belgium.

UpRight Powered Access F9.903/1 UpRight said it will show the majority of its current line, plus “one or two interesting products that are new.” Read our 'Stop Press' Bauma guide in the next issue for the latest available information.

Versalift See entry for Time Export.

Worldlift Industries F10.1003/3 Exhibiting with German dealer Rothlehner, Worldlift Industries will be focusing on its Denka branded range of trailers, with the possibility of some unspecified modifications to the range on show.


understands that there will be nothing new on the Falcon range.

Wumag F13.1304 Pride of place at Wumag's stand will be the completely re–designed 32 t, 70 m working height WT 700, the top end model of the Jumbo class of truck–mounts. Now the entire range offers full, variable jacking and a tail–swing radius that is within the wing mirrors of its carrier. “Now we have a complete class of truck mounts with the same set of modern features,” said sales director Stephan Kulawik. If you want to see the other models of Jumbos, you will find the WT 270, 370, and 530 models on the IPAF stand.

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