Bil-Jax commits to ‘Go Green'

By Maria Hadlow19 June 2008

US scaffold and aerial platform manufacturer, BIl-Jax, has formed a Go Green Committee. The committee's role is to investigate and implement initiatives which will reduce the environmental impact of the company's manufacturing practices and day-to-day operations.

"By adopting green policies and encouraging our employees and customers to do the same, we hope to become a model company not only throughout our industry but also throughout the US," said Jeff Ott, president and CEO of Bil-Jax.

Bil-Jax has already formed a partnership with a locally based company, Werlor Recycling to expand its recycling programme. According to Mr Ott, Recycled materials will be carefully measured,"It's possible to calculate the cost and energy savings of any green policy," says Mr Ott. "One of our stated goals is to show that environmentally friendly manufacturing can be cost neutral even profitable."

Members of the Go Green Committee have been recruited from all departments and shifts. The Committee will be responsible for developing comprehensive initiatives for conservation that extend beyond recycling. Mr Ott said that energy costs are an on-going concern, "An action as simple as leaving the lights on when an employee leaves the room has a tangible environmental impact. Another goal of the Go Green Committee is to educate our community about making responsible, environmentally conscious decisions."

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