Building an inert waste strategy

10 April 2008

The UK's Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Welsh Assembly and the Environment Agency have jointly issued a discussion document soliciting input concerning the way inert wastes, such as brick, concrete, hardcore and subsoil, are handled in England and Wales. The aim, according to Defra, is “to adopt a more proportionate and risk-based approach to its recovery and disposal”.

Comments are being solicited from interested parties on several topics, viz:

• greater use of derogations from some of the Landfill Directive controls that are provided for inert waste;

• the need for a level playing field for the different activities involving inert waste;

• revised guidance on the testing of inert wastes that are landfilled;

• inconsistencies in terminology for describing inert waste going to landfill;

• the quality of guidance including classifying an activity as recovery or disposal.

Further information is available on Defra's website ( and the closing date for responses is 21st March 2008.

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