Chevin could help optimise your fleet for free

03 February 2011

Asset management software house, Chevin Fleet Solutions is offering UK organisations the chance to scrutinise their fleet operations free of charge.

Chevin Fleet Solutions is offering a comprehensive fleet audit, which comprises a 2-3 hour consultation, report and recommendations, to help companies remove unnecessary expenditure and optimise fleet performance.

Ashley Sowerby managing director of Chevin Fleet Solutions said, "What many organisations don't realise is that their fleets aren't running to their full potential. But this is no longer feasible, as organisations need to justify each individual cost and cut underutilised assets.

"Fleets underpin business operations and account for a large proportion of annual budgets, so organisations are increasingly examining how to reduce related costs. We want to share our two-decades of expertise in the industry to help organisations make the most of their existing assets."

As part of the audit, Chevin Fleet Solutions' personnel will conduct an in-depth examination of the fleet to ascertain whether the existing fleet management method capitalises on the organisation's assets and supports improvements in performance, efficiencies and cost control.

The initial phase of the process investigates business structure, analysing locations and depots, finance and HR, trackers, telematics, personal device applications (PDAs), IT policy, and competitors.

This is followed by an evaluation of fleet size and make-up, including vehicle and equipment types, volume, depreciation, procurement, services and inspections, workshops, warranty, licensing, fuel, mileage, and tyres.

From the information gathered, specialists from Chevin will identify any risks, as well as draw conclusions and recommendations, which are then presented to participants in a final report.

The free audit is available throughout February, March, April and May.

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