Concrete replacement

20 March 2008

A hydrodemolition robot from Aquajet Systems is helping Triton Marine Construction to remove spalled concrete from two piers at Pearl Harbour, in Oahu, Hawaii, US.

The Aqua Cutter HD-6000's high-pressure water jet system can remove 1 m3 of the weak 1940s concrete in about half an hour. Triton Marine Construction superintendent Brett Gordon said the equipment's performance is “incredible.”

Th is is Triton Marine's first project using the HD-6000 and other schemes are already lined up. “We feel that hydro demolition will soon be specified on every job and we decided to purchase the equipment now so that we are set up for that movement into the future,” Mr Gordon said.

The work involves the removal of the spalled concrete and any corroded rebar followed by their replacement with new materials.

Putzmeister America's Water Technology Division supplied the Aqua Cutter HD-6000 robot to Triton Marine.

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