Createmaster releases building safety information platform

By Catrin Jones15 May 2023

Createmaster, a provider of digital handover and building manual solutions, has recently unveiled its Digital Retrofit solution.

The solution also creates a digital record encompassing current and historical data (Photo: Createmaster)

This offering is said to be specifically designed for asset owners and building duty holders, addressing the challenge of consolidating fragmented building information from high-risk buildings (HRBs) into a unified platform called Zutec. 

The information is then processed, structured and categorised by the Createmaster team using a template to provide consistency in information and facilitate the creation of a building safety case.

The company adds that users can evidence Building Safety Act compliance ahead of deadlines to register and deliver key building information to the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) by the end of September.

The solution also creates a digital record encompassing current and historical data, including critical fire safety information, operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals, inspection reports, and certificates. These records can be readily reviewed, maintained, and updated as needed, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a comprehensive “Golden Thread” of information.

James Cannon, Commercial Director at Createmaster, said, “With huge volumes of information and documentation for legacy building stock all over the place — so disparate systems, formats, and states of completeness and quality — preparing for building safety obligations can be lengthy and difficult for the majority of asset owners and duty holders.

“Building Safety Act requirements now stipulate that HRBs are not just registered with the BSR by the end of September, but key building information is provided within 28 days of a building being registered to demonstrate and evidence building safety and BSA compliance.”

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