Dingli reports positive start to US marketing

10 May 2011

Zhejiang Dingli Machinery has renamed its JCPT3.0(III), the X Drive for the US market.

Zhejiang Dingli Machinery has renamed its JCPT3.0(III), the X Drive for the US market.

Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang Dingli Machinery has reported a good start to marketing its products in North America. In cooperation with its USA partner Orange Machine, located in California, Dingli has introduced two scissors to the market.

Dingli has started by supplying two 3m platform height models - one self-propelled and one push-around - and said it will launch scissors in the 6 to 10m sector in the second half of this year.

The company has also received what it called "a big order" with Canadian rental company Certified Equipment, based in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Dingli's sales manager Harry Chen said, "The Canadian market is also an important market for Dingli and we just received a big order from Certified Equipment which is a well known rental company in Canada.

"We will launch the 6-10m platform height scissor lifts in second half year 2011 in the North America market."

The two 3m models are the JCPT3.0 - renamed the PAL X for US - is a push-around scissor with 3m platform height and 240kg lift capacity. The other machine is the JCPT3.0(III), called the X Drive in the US, which is a self-propelled scissor with a similar 3m platform height and 240kg capacity.

Components on both units, including the batteries, can be accessed from a full-sized slide-out tray. Also at the base of the machine, forklift pockets on all sides make moving the machines easy. Machine speeds, drive, lift, and lower can be customised.

The PAL X push-around scissor lift includes lockable front casters. To climb into the platform, a step slides out by hand, and the entry gate into the platform swings in.

The X Drive has an optional, single slide-out deck extension, which rolls out on a simple track system similar to drawer slides. When fully deployed, the deck extension provides an additional 0.68m (27in) of deck length. A dual slide-out deck is also available, providing 1.9m (76in) of deck space.

The control box has five different speeds to choose from, and proportional drive and lift. Additionally, the control provides fault codes for diagnostics, and the control box produces an audible alarm when the battery is low.

Both scissor lifts have passive pothole protection. As the scissor stack lowers, a hand-crush protection feature halts the machine's descent for five seconds to prevent any hand injuries.

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