Dual power mini excavator shown by Wacker Neuson

By Murray Pollok15 April 2013

Wacker Neuson's duel fuel 803 mini excavator.

Wacker Neuson's duel fuel 803 mini excavator.

Wacker Neuson has shown a dual fuel version of its smallest mini excavator, operated either by conventional diesel power or by an external electro-hydraulic power pack powered by an electrical supply.

When using the hydraulic power pack the excavator will be able to operate as normal but emission free, making it ideal for indoor uses such as demolition work. Wacker Neuson said one extra benefit of the system was the cooling capacity of the power pack that would allow the excavator to carry out demolition for prolonged periods at high temperatures.

The dual fuel model will be available initially as an option on the 803 model, which is a 900 kg class mini excavator, and later also on the 1.4 t 1404 and the 1.7 t zero tailswing EZ17 units. The additional cost of the machine is few hundred euros, with users having to buy or rent the dedicated hydraulic power unit (HPU).

The HPU hydraulic supply is integrated via the excavator’s wheel set, which means that the excavator’s rear pivot radius and 360 degree rotation are maintained unrestricted. The company said it was looking at the possibility that the HPU could be used as a conventional power pack for other hydraulic tool operations.

The dual power option will not be available with the mini excavators sold to Caterpillar through the mini excavator manufacturing alliance between the two companies.

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