EDA to focus on recycling with two major projects

By Steve Ducker24 May 2023

The European Demolition Association (EDA) believes that the increasing focus on sustainability is one of the most important changes to have taken place since the association was set up more than 40 years ago.

Along with green energy and recycling within the industry, this has been an important factor in the evolution of the demolition sector and the association itself.

EDA Convention 2022 A workshop at the EDA’s Convention in 2022. But the work of smaller working groups, such as the new Recycled Products group, goes on all year round. Photo: EDA

“As the public awareness of those questions grew, so did the effort put in by demolition professionals to achieve waste reduction in construction,” says the EDA.

As a result, this year the EDA has started two projects related to recycling in demolition, leading to a new publication and a new working group.

The publication is a guide to Recycling Equipment for Construction and Demolition.

The EDA says that by producing the guide, it aims to support the circular economy in the industry by showcasing the use of the right equipment and machinery on construction sites.

At the same time, the EDA has created a Working Group on Recycled Products. Centred around the topic, it will begin meeting in September of this year.

Like other EDA working groups, its aim will be to provide a structured way of developing the organisation’s objectives, encouraging the exchange of good practices, the development of reference documentation and the creation of dissemination or training materials.

“With these projects, we contribute our experience, knowledge and resources to the betterment and the future of the demolition industry,” said the association.

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