Five axle 130 tonne AT new from Liebherr

25 April 2008

Liebherr unveiled a new 130 tonne capacity all terrain crane on 28 June. The five axle LTM 1130-5.1 was shown in iron on the first of two customer open days at the Ehingen factory in Germany. It is the fifth new model on five axles Liebherr has launched in the last two years.

The 60 m six section boom can be extended with an hydraulically luffing two-section 10.8 to 19 m swing away fly jib and two 7 m lattice insertsto give a maximum system length of 93 m. At 12 tonnes per axle up to 9 tonnes of counterweight can be carried for operation as a taxi crane. Flexibility of application is a strong feature, Liebherr says. The preliminary lifting chart shows that the new LTM 1130-5.1 will lift 13 tonnes through 360 degrees at 20 m radius with 47.5 m of boom and the maximum 42 tonnes of counterweight. With the same radius and boom length but with 9 tonnes of ballast it will pick 6.9 tonnes.

The carrier is 12.26 m long and on 16.00 R25 tyres it is 2.75 m wide. Turning circle is 10.39 m and there is active speed dependent rear axle steering, which, Liebherr claims, reduces tyre wear. Air operated disc brakes are fitted all round.

In the carrier there is a 370 kW Liebherr straight six diesel driving through a 12 speed ZF AS-Tronic automated manual transmission with built in intarder and a two stage transfer box. In the superstructure a 145 kW four cylinder Liebherr diesel drives the hydraulics and up to four crane functions can be operated simultaneously.

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