Flat top Terex pair for L&T

18 June 2012

Larsen & Toubro in India is using Terex CTT 181-8 and CTT 231-10 tower cranes on an airport park

Larsen & Toubro in India is using Terex CTT 181-8 and CTT 231-10 tower cranes on an airport park

Indian construction and mechanical engineering company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) chose a pair of Terex flat top tower cranes for an airport expansion project in Mumbai.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai has been expanding since 2006 to handle an increasing number of passengers and meet the growing need for larger cargo volumes. The Terex CTT 181-8 and CTT 231-10 towers are helping build a multi-storey car park and an air traffic control tower.

Working in the vicinity of an operating airport is a difficult challenge. "To build the new parking structure and the tower, we had to set up the cranes directly within the airport's busy area. This meant that we would only be able to use flat top cranes, due their lower absolute overall height," explained Udit Narayan Singh, the ECC project manager responsible for the project.

L&T has more than 30 Terex tower cranes. The CTT 181 was chosen for the control tower and the rail mounted CTT 231-10 was picked for the parking structure.

The two cranes are mainly supplying steel and concrete. They reach a height of nearly 30 metres and have 35 m jibs. "This configuration enables them to lift the required loads of up to ten tonnes for the parking structure and eight tonnes for the tower," explained Udit Narayan Singh.

The 180 tonne-metre CTT 181 has a maximum jib of 65 m, configurable upwards from 35 m in 5 m increments. Capacity at the tip of the 65 m jib is 1.9 tonnes. Maximum free-standing height is 67.2 m. Capacity of the 230 tonne-metre CTT 231-10 is 10 tonnes and it has a maximum jib length of 70 m. The jib can be configured between 35 and 70 m in 5 m increments. Tip load at 70 m is 2.1 tonnes. Maximum free-standing height is 62.2 m.

L&T was founded in 1938 by Danish engineers Larsen and Toubro. The L&T Engineering Construction and Contracts ECC business unit (now known as L & T Construction) is India's biggest construction company. Services focus mainly on planning and performing a wide range of construction projects.

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