Four Tadanos for Steil

By Christian Shelton23 November 2017

Steil Kranarbeiten, a Trier, Germany-based crane rental company, has extended its fleet of 105 cranes with the addition of four new Tadano cranes: an ATF 70G-4, an ATF 100G-4, and two ATF 220G-5s.

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From left to right: Frank Brachtendorf; area sales manager, Tadano; Michael Speicher, branch manager, Steil; Patrick Weber, driver, Steil; Denis Bauer, plant manager, Steil; Patrick Speth, truck driver, Steil; Daniel Gödert, project management, Steil; Frank Nicklas, technical field service, Steil; Johannes Gruner, delivery department, Tadano

The ATF 70G-4 is the version with a 52.1 metre boom. It has two engines, axles that can accommodate loads of 10 tonnes, and a maximum lifting capacity of 70 tonnes.

The ATF 100G-4 also has a 51.2 m boom, a maximum lifting capacity of 100 t, and was selected to replace one of Steil Kranarbeiten’s older cranes.

And the two ATF 220G-5s have 68 m booms, a maximum lifting capacity of 220 t, and will be used for work in the wind power sector.

According to Tadanno, Steil Kranarbeiten has served the wind power sector for 20 years and the new asymmetric outrigger base for the ATF 220G-5s was particularly appealing. Tadano said that thanks to this technology, its mobile cranes are now capable of reaching even higher lifting capacities with the outriggers extended to different lengths. In this process, the lengths of all four outrigger beams are determined automatically by length sensors, thus ensuring the maximum possible lifting capacities can be achieved.


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