Good utilities orders for Versalift.

18 June 2012

One of the 132 ET-36-LF 13.8m working height booms mounted on Mercedes Sprinter by Versalift UK for

One of the 132 ET-36-LF 13.8m working height booms mounted on Mercedes Sprinter by Versalift UK for British Telecom.

Time International has received two important orders for Versalift products from utilities companies - one from Israel the other in the UK.

David Czapnik & Sons has won a large order from IEC (Israel Electric Cooperation), which sent out a tender in 2010 for different lift models - insulated and non-insulated.

The order is for 18 units of the VST-5000-MHI and 42 units VST-36-I, both models to be mounted on a MAN truck chassis. The VST-5000-MHI is a 12.5m articulated boom with material handling options the VST-36-I is an insulated 12.6m working height articulated boom

Time International said, "We are congratulating Avi Czapnik and his company with this great order. We appreciate the several years hard work it took to win this order. It looks like that David Czapnik & Sons will have a very busy year."

In the UK Versalift UK have landed an order with British Telecom for 132 van mounted platforms.

The lifts are all ET-36-LF 13.8m working height booms mounted on Mercedes Sprinter which will be installed at Versalift UK's factory in Kettering. Versalift UK has been supplier to British Telecom for more twelve years.

Versalift UK's managing director, Steve Couling said, "British Telecom first told us that they needed to replace a large number of Transit vans in June 2011, but the payload on the Ford Transit van no longer met their needs. On this order, on our recommendation, they have mounted the ET-36-LF lifts on Mercedes Sprinter 5t vans. This leaves them with around 1000kg of spare capacity when the internal racking is installed.

"British Telecom are also taking 'the walk in buckets' for the first time as their health and safety people are convinced that they will reduce sick days and help prevent minor accidents," said Mr Couling.

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