HSS offers estimated time of delivery on equipment

31 August 2010

HSS is now offering electronic proof of delivery using hand held computers to capture signatures ele

HSS is now offering electronic proof of delivery using hand held computers to capture signatures electronically.

HSS Hire is now offering customers estimated delivery times for equipment and electronic proof of delivery through its LiveHire online rental management tool.

LiveHire was launched a year ago and gives customers the ability to order equipment online, to off hire in real time, to pay online and view financial statements. Now, customers on site or in a remote office will also be able to view live and constantly updated arrival times as well as instant electronic proof of delivery/collection.

The HSS LiveHire accounts are fully integrated with its delivery vehicle tracking systems and also the PDAs used by its drivers. Information on the location of the trucks will be used to provide the estimated time of arrivals, while the hand held PDAs will be electronically capture signatures as proof of delivery and collection.

The PDAs will also be able to capture photos of equipment and will help resolve issues such as equipment damage.

Chris Davies, chief executive officer of HSS, said; "Our customers love HSS LiveHire. They tell us it's already made their life easier, that they're enjoying being able to better control hire levels and costs and that it's helping them to save time and make long-term savings in a way that no other system can do. And now we've made it even better with the online ETAs and electronic proof of delivery."

HSS said the LiveHire system forms the foundation of its strategy of helping customers manage the "'true cost of hire', which is influenced not only by the unit price of individual pieces of equipment but also the length of hire, the number of pieces hired and the overall administration cost." LiveHire is offered free of charge to all HSS account customers.

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