15 April 2008

Four short documentary films about crane drivers has been shown on UK television. City of Cranes, by Odd Girl Out Productions, looks at London's s changing landscape through the eyes and words of tower crane operators.

“Without cranes our modern cities would be hard to imagine. Yet, most of us never notice cranes or their drivers. My aim was to give people a better understanding of what it takes to be a crane driver and to see London through their eyes,” said Eva Weber, director.

Eva Weber and Samantha Zarzosa, producer, describe City of Cranes as offering “a fascinating and mesmerising insight into the work of crane drivers and their contribution to the changing London skyline.”

Due to recent accidents in the UK involving tower cranes in Liverpool and London, the industry has had its share of negative headlines in the mainstream press. City of Cranes should help redress the balance by giving viewers an idea of what it is like to work tens of metres in the air, Weber and Zarzosa said.

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