Krandienst Lange takes first Terex AC 300/6 in Germany

17 November 2009

Krandienste Lange in Germany taking delivery of the first Terex AC 300/6 in the country. From left t

Krandienste Lange in Germany taking delivery of the first Terex AC 300/6 in the country. From left to right are: Torsten Hanke, Terex Cranes sales manager; Torsten Lange, Krandienst Lange owner and ge

Germany-based crane rental company Krandienst Lange has expanded its lifting fleet with the first 300 tonne capacity Terex AC 300/6 all terrain delivered in the country.

"The components that we need to lift for our customers in the agricultural, industrial, and electrical power industries keep getting heavier and heavier," explained Torsten Lange, owner of Krandienst Lange.

"We decided on this particular crane due to its flexibility. The fact that we can use it for a large variety of applications means that we will easily be able to ensure that it is used to its full basic capacity."

Grimmen-based Krandienst Lange took the AC 300/6 with a 19 m main boom extension, 3 m runner, and a 72 m luffing fly jib. Maximum system length is 125.7 m.

Superlift and 116.7 tonnes of counterweight were also included.

Guido Siegmeier, crane operator, added, "The attachments, which are optimised for travel, are also perfect for us. We often have to travel long distances between sites in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and these attachments will save us quite a few truck trips."

In addition to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the crane is mainly used in northern part of Brandenburg and the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. One of its main jobs will be wind turbine restoration.

Krandienst Lange was started in 1997 and the fleet includes truck mounted cranes, lowbed trailers and loader cranes.

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