LadderSolve promotes safe ladder use

05 November 2010

Zarges is one of the partners working with HSE on the UK 'ladder exchange'.

Zarges is one of the partners working with HSE on the UK 'ladder exchange'.

The Ladder Association, the trade body dedicated to promoting the safe use of ladders and stepladders, has launched a new information resource for users. Called LadderSolve, it sets out to provide simple, straightforward information about the proper use of ladders in the workplace.

Available via the Ladder Association website, and intended to complement the Association's free publication, the LadderBook, it covers everything from ladder myths and misconceptions to simple dos and don'ts and ladder training. Visitors to the site can also view the Association's latest video toolbox talk covering basic ladder principles.

Chris Ball, chairman of the Ladder Association said, "Used properly and inspected and maintained correctly, ladders are an indispensable piece of workplace equipment,"

"Assuming a ladder is the right piece of equipment for the task in hand, it is readily transportable, straightforward and easy to use and, of course, can be employed in places where larger and more expensive types of access equipment are just not practicable. Ladders are also kinder on the environment."
LadderSolve at emphasises five key points in respect of ladders:

1. That all work at height is properly planned and organised;
2. That those involved in work at height are trained and competent;
3. That the correct type and classification of ladder is used;
4. That ladders are regularly inspected and maintained;
5. That the work involved is of low risk and short duration.

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